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martin 2 Shaw (1988) listed a group of formation as follows EXCEPT_________. A) B) to provide competition to the other group____ to solve the problem


horticultural society and pastoral society refer to_____ C) D) hunting community and community gardening. community gardening and hunting community____


which of the following is a clear perspective for understanding the organization? 1. 2. A) Personality-based thinking perspective thinking perspective based rationale 1 and 2


max weber, Robert k. merton, Thompson, blau and scott are a group of inviduals that pioneered the theory about C) D) thinking of human relations rational thinking and structure_____


this movement exist to ensure that every problem arosc within the organization can be resolved through a positive approach. This movement is referred to as___ A) B) movement of thought new thought movement________


which of the following are characteristics of a good reward? 1) 2) 3) 4) A) affordable time to come performance-based temporary 1,2 and 3.


which statement is not true about the definition of politics? B) c) the activity of allocation limited goods harness the wealth of nations


the following are phase and development of political science except____ B) liberalism level

C) 39

stage realism_____

what is meant by universalism? B) the discussion revolves around existence and problems encountered by ideal society___


in political science,which phase focuses on recognition that individual behavior or people play a very big influence in political process? b) c) legalism behaviorism______


which state level that emphasis the development of political science as a formal structure of institutions that shape public life? A) B) universalism level legalism level_____


which phase that changes the method of comparison study and eventually leads to formation of new branches of governments comparative politis? B) C) legalism level graduate level behaviorism_____


what is government? A) C) an institution in a country that practices the legal rule._____ must have king


arrange the following phases and stages of political development. 1. 2. 3 4 5 b) stage realism legalism level behavioral level graduate level behavioral universalism level 5,1,2,3,4


the legalism of political discussion is centerd on _____ C) question of nation, the role of constitutional institutions such as the form of western government.______


the statement below refer to what political stage? -provide information about political behavior in the country

-gatherring knowledge to predicts events that will occur C) D) 47 post- behavioral_____ universalism

what form of government does model of presidential rule in france,us and india follow? C) D) republic______ autocratic


the characteristics below refer to_______government. 1. 2 3 C) D) head of government is the presidence elected by the people hold office as stipulated in the constitutions republic_____ democracy


the following are true about democratic pattern of government in Malaysia EXCEPT A) B) pattern of parliamentary democracy and have a monarchy. establish government based on majority vote 0f 3/3 of the delegates in parliament.______


the characteristics below refer to democratic system in Malaysia by____body -consist of the king,senate and house of representative -enact,amend or repeal the law A) B) legal_____ executive.


the followings are not true about the judiciary except______ c) d) as the executer of the law do nort allowed carrying out the executive and making laws_____


the characteristics below refer to the presidential rule of 1 2 3 A) B) president to hold office as head of government and heads of state the term of office of 7 years, can be re-elected next term examples of countries that practices it is Indonesia,Kenya and Egypt united states france_____


select the statement that is not exactly an economic definition A) D) economics is the study of how people make decision to choose goods and services. economics is the study of human behavior when faced with family problems.______


which of the following is true about the lack of important concept in economics? A) C) deficiency arises because people want many things ,but the recources are not sufficient to meet all these wishes_______ shortage situation in the state and locality.


the selection process to allocated limited recources for the production of goods in an economy depends on several key economic issues. Which of the following statement is not exactly the allocation of limited recources? A) B) the question that need answers about the diversity of goods and services to be issued the market will produced the desire user by taking into account whether it is beneficial or not_____


economics consists of two branches namely micro and macro,which of the following statement is not reflected about macro? C) D) macro concluded about the overall economic performance investigate the effect of interaction between markets_____


which of the following statement is not reflected to economics center? D) C) limited state power to tax and expenditure programs____ government will make all the plans to answer economic question


att this time most countries have adopted mixed economic system. What is rationale of economic adaption of this type? A) D) market economy system has adapted a number of internal elements to suit the requirements of other countries that adopt a mixed economy._____ unsuitability of the existing economic system.


micro is one of two economics area. Among the aspects of micro study are___ 1234B) interaction between the producers and consumers in certain markets international trade patterns study of the effects of inflation and unemployment . household spending patterns 1 and 4


the following are economic issue that affect selection process to allocated limited recources for the production of goods except A) B) the existence of recources. decision made collectively by the manufacturer._____


the economy consumer is said to be contextually rational when _____ B) C) they are able to determine what they want for themselves_____ they choose based on market demand


the statement below describes as _____of economics system. this economic system depends largely on market transactions to answer the economic questions that basis the_______ C) D) control?globalization market______


new economic poliey (1971) was launches to_____ C) D) expand economic turnoil boost the economy to the industrial era._____


select the true statement about the structure of production. D) A) discuss how a product is produced and to whom they are traded or sold_____ discuss how a product is marketed.


the following are theories that can be used to answer basic questions in economics.except_____ A) B) distribution theory_____ theory of production


political meaning can be formulated exactly as the estimates for C) d) seizing and axploiting the power of an anvidual or group obtaining, using or giving power to inviduals or group._____


economic definition focuses on the following except_____ A) B) practiced a form of government_____ production and exchange system


which of the following statements exactly define political economy? A) areas to discuss how political factors can influences and generate economic policy_____

B) 69)

ares to discuss how economic factors can influences policy and generate politics.

David Balaam defines political economy as a study that discusses the clash and interaction of two areas in life.The following are clash and interaction of two areas except______ D) c) government and society_____ government and market


the following statement are true about the concept of nationalist in political economy except____ A) B) the economy must contribute to nation building. International economy is not required in the pursuit of wealth for country fund______


who issued the following opinion? -he argued that even if human were originally rational and logical to use a balance of income and wealth division of wealth.rational and logical man would force more profit to ensure its own future. A)adam smith c)karl max_____


the following are political structure of the world economy except_____ A) b) security structure storage structure_____


select the accurate political structure of world economy. C) d) production,safety,finance,science and technology____ production,storage,finance,science and technology.


the following statements refer to what political structure of economy. -disscuss the flow of money as a tool to obtain the recources available in the world. -for instance , a state which has made loans to the IMF had to follow IMF on how to revamp the economy. C) D) financial structure_____ knowledge and technology structure.


the following statements refer to what political structure of the economy -safety factor in political economy,particularly in cold war -how does a country deals with threats,intimidation,actions and gives protection to other countries. A) production structure

B) security structure______ 76) the following statement refer to what political structure of economy. -emphasis of the importances and use of knowledge -people who have more advance knowledge and technology will dominate the world. A) D) 77) knowledge structure knowledge and technology structure_______

the purpose of implementing privatization policy is to_______ A) c) create job establish a system of public services more efficient and pragmatic._______


the following are true about the multinational corporation (MNC) except A) D) important in the development of world economy depending on the country in international alliances______


the following are regional organization that play an important role A) D) eurepean union (EU) nato______


which concept encompasses human rights? A) d) race,creed,country,culture,society and religion nation,race,custom,culture,religion and belief_____


the following are critism of natural rights theory excepts_____ a) B) burke,bentham and marx rejected this theory. members receive a positive classical falsafah rights factor______


what is the inspiration in the formation of civil and political rights? B) C) individuals tradition_____ the concept of human rights.


which of the following refers to second generation of human rights? D) B) solidarity rights economics rights,social and cultural______


a state should only intervene in individual freedom based on TWO (2) reasons. Firstly,When an individuals actions is not a responsibility of other people as long as the action is only for his own advantage and it does not involve other people. Secondly._________ C) D) an action that can be questioned its interest for other people______ expressed interest in political process,culture and language.


capitalist system (marx) contains TWO classes namely______ A) B) bourgeoisie and proletariat______ Marxist and protestant


Milne(1986) classified three (3) rights namely forms of laws,customs and morals. In general,there are only two(2) classification specifically_______ 1-positive rights and negative rights 2-right and the right part 3-individual rights and collective rights 4-general rights and the rights of the world B) 1 and 3


in the tradition of Islam ,budhist,hindu and Confucian,the individual is seen bound with _____ A) c) culture community______


john locke developed the theory of nature( natural law ) as sources of doctrine of human rights because_________ A) D) it emphasis human happiness merely every human beings has a natural rights to live freely and wealthy______


most countries in asia and Africa do not recognize world(universal) human rights in the universal declarationof human rights.this represents a clash between the _______ A) B) universalism and relativism.________ individualism and collectivism


which revolution focused on three (3) things related to natural rights such as liberty,equality and fratemity? A) b) American revolution france revolution______


the worldwide human rights declaration was formed in A) 1948____


the first generation of basic human rights focuses on ______ A) D) civic and political rights______ rights for balance ecology


most country in____and _____do not acknowledge the rights mentioned in the universal declaration of basic human rights. A) b) asia and Africa_____ latin America and Europe


according to_____, democracy does not merely depend on one form of competition and political involvement. A) Robert a. dahl______


the book the morality of freedom (1986) was written by______ A) b) joseph raz____ john stuart mill


the ideology which argues that absolute freedom can only be gained if men support communism is______ a) B) Marxism_____ liberalism


one of the criteria used in giving welfare assistance to employees is A) b) c) d) age education experiences all the above_____


behaviorism argues that political study should______ A) examine both political institutions and political behavior of actors____


one of the functions of economic system is______ a-allocation of recources b-organization of production c-economic progress d-all of the above_______


which of the following best described command economy? A-centrally-planned economy b-absence of competition c-totalitarian economy d-all of the above_________