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Symmetrix is having 3 architectures. 1. Bus architecture 2. Direct matrix 3. Virtual matrix. The primary goal of all these is to get global cache memory. DMX Model Capacity (# drives) 144 (2x72) 288 576 Speed

1000 2gbps 2000 3000 4000 The 17th rule is upto dmx-4 only. (We always inserts the drives in pair of the slots 1,16;2,15;3,14 for the redundancy.)

SoftWare features of symmetrix.

Symmetrix runs on enguinity, it doesnt have any RTOS.


Sy m cli

SolutionEnabler API Enguinity HardWare ECC: EMC control centre SMC: light version of ECC Symmetrix management is inband management, while clarion is out of band management.

assign a lun to host

There are 3 steps in assigning a lun/dev to host in sym. Create device/lun Map the lun Mask the lun

Creating a lun Find available free space. Create a command file Submit the task Find available free space # symconfigure sid 277 list freespace unit mb o/p Emulation FBA unformatted 10.. formatted 500..

Command file Create dev count=2 size=400mb emulation=fba config=2-way-mirror/raid5 data_member_count=3; Submit the task #symconfigure -sid 277 f <command file> -v

verify Preview Prepare Commit -nop (no output onto console)

Note: To see the created luns use #symdev sid 277 list Lun Mapping Find the available fa port Map the lun Find the available fa port address #symcfg sid 277 list available addresses dir 1c p 0 Map the lun Create a command file Map dev 0001 to dir 1c:0, lun 041; Map dev 0001 to dir 2c:0, lun 042; Map dev 0001 to dir 16c:0,lun 044; Map dev 0001 to dir 15c:0,lun 041; Submit the task #symconfigure sid 277 f <command file> -v commit nop (it may take 20 min) Lun/Device masking #symmask sid 294 wwn <wwnof host> add dev 10 dir 1c p 0;

Vcm maintains the masking information in sym, with the help of vcm db we are managing the lun masking. Vcm flag has to be enabled for lun masking. The 1st lun in sym is VCM, and its id is 0000. The copy of VCM db is stored in every directors cache. #symmask list hba (looking into sym , which 2 ports are connected.) The plogi info stored in login history. From the vcm db point of view there are two commands. #symmaskdb (used in performing admin tasks) #symmask (used in performing operations) Working with symmask Storage level #symmaskdb sid 277 list database #symmask list hba (discover the connected hba) #symmask sid 277 wwn <hba-wwn> add dev 0005 dir 1c p 0; Alias names #symmask sid 277 wwn <hba-wwn> rename sun1/hba0 #symmask sid 277 awwn sun1/hba0 add dev 0005 dir1c p 0; #symmask sid 277 refresh Host level Powerpath #powermt config #powermt display dev=all (now device is in powerpath) SE #symcfg discover #sympd list (listing devices which are presented to the host) #symdev list (listing all devices)

Device conversions
Create a command file Submit the job with symconfigure Command file Convert dev 0051 to 3-way-mir; #symconfigure sid 277 f <command file> -v commit nop; #symdev list |more

Different products in tf TF mirror TF clone TF snap
TimeFinder/Mirror Copy methodology Copy space required Availability of copy data Performance impact DR capability Accessability of copy Protection Full mirror. The mirror is always in synch. with the source until the split command is issued. Full disk BCV cannot be split off until the copy process is complete Hardly any TimeFinder/Clone Point in time copy based on pointers until copy process is complete TimeFinder/Snap Point in time copy always based on pointers Partial space depending on amount of data updates. Typically 30% of source Copy is available as soon as the PiT pointers are established All initial updates will require extra processing to move data. Minimal DR as full disk is reliant on pointers to original disk Immediate The snap copy can be RAID5

Full disk Copy is available as soon as the PiT pointers are established Initial copy is a background process. Some performance impact if data is updated while copy is in progress Full DR once copy is complete, but not if Copyonaccess setting is enabled Immediately accessible The clone copy can be RAID5

Full DR once copy is complete Not accessible until copy is complete and the BCV is split from the standard volume The BCV cannot be RAID5

Ref: http://www.lascon.co.uk/dh00203.htm TF mirror It requires mirror position. STD and BCV devices should be of same size. We can create only 2 bcvs concurrently. Device groups Sym has different types of device groups.

Device groups

Regular (for Mirror,snap,clone)

Rdf1 and Rdf2 (for SRDF)

CG (composit group)

Working with Device Groups #symdg create mydg type regular

#symdg list #symld g mydg add dev 000A (adding logical/standard device.) #symdg show mydg o/p: Dev001 (sym dev id) #symbcv g mydg associate dev 000B (adding the bcv device.) #symdg show mydg o/p: BCV001 #symdg delete mydg -force

Mirroring #symmir g mydg full est #symmir g mirdg query #symmir g mydg split TF Clone It works on COFA (copy on first access) method. It has 3 modes of operation. -nocopy (default) -copy -precopy -nocopy : copying data upon access. -copy: copy session starts upon activation ( background copy). -precopy: copy session starts upon creation. -nocopy create Activate Terminate cretae activate Terminate Restore Recreate Activate Terminate

only 3, it doesnt support restore.

-copy -precopy

(terminate & create) we must activate after recreation.

SRDF (symmetrix remote data facility) GK device

Low-level I/O commands executed using SYMCLI are routed to the Symmetrix array

by a Symmetrix storage device that is specified as a gatekeeper.

#symgate sid 277 define dev 0052; #symgate sid 277 undefine dev 0052; #symgate sid 277 list; #symgate g prod associate dev 0052; #symgate g prod deassociate dev 0052;

Symmetrix command reference

#symcfg sid 277 list memory # -fa all (only front end directors will be displayed) # -da all # -dir all # -ra all (to list the remote directories) #symcfg sid 277 list v (to list the entire sym info) #symcfg list lockn all (15 config lock) #symdisk list (to list all the disks) #symdisk list by-diskgroups (list by disk groups) #symdisk list disk group 0 (list particular disk group) #symconfigure sid 277 list freespace unit mb #symdev list unprotected #symdev list bcv #symdev list gk #symdev list -2-way-mir #symdev list noport (to see mapping info) #symdev show 0032 (to list the complete info abt 0032 device) #symmaskdb sid 277 list no-assignment |more (only mapped devices can be displayed) #symmask list sid 277 logind|more (login status will also be displayed) #symmask refresh (to refresh the vcm db) #symmaskdb list no-assignment dir 1c p0 (mapped but not masked.)