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1. Comment on the bake-off assignment and implementation plan followed by Gillette.

Product Manager Carol and Johnson and Bob Forman , VP Marketing strongly believed that the Dry Idea product campaign needed a complete make over. The bake off idea came into the light due to the failure of BBDOs effort to create effective commercial . The Bake off kicked off in Nov 1983 with an execution span of 6 months to be released during April 1984 The bake off assignment was divided into 3 parts Developing a New Campaign Develop overall strategic business plan Develop a strong candidate for Solid form concept testing BDDO brings in great experience working with Gillette to bake into their long term plan and brings in the concept of Efficacy is dominant than Aesthetics, whereas Ames brings in a fresh outlook to the creative crisis The bake off Implementation plan has 3 major parts Brand orientation for bake-off participants Both agencies to work on new Campaign assignment Consumer testing of new Advertising. BBDO was fairly clear on Gillettes brand orientation due to long association On 17th Jan 1984, DBBDO came up with 2 new campaign and suggestions for product line extension to Aerosol and solid form. They also suggested to use new tool called PRIZM . DBBDO went with Never Never campaign at the cost of $95,000 Ames created a business plan with potential of new Aerosol and solid product extension Gillette testing techniques ASI Plus and Audience reward were decided for testing the Bake- off. . The first of six bake off copy test was done during march 26th 1984 and went on for three weeks.

2. Based on the case facts, Exhibit 3,4 & 5, who won the bake-off? Justify. Related Recall Total Males Total Females Female Roll-On Get Together 12 12 16 Body at work 14 13 13 Never Never 14 19 22

Recall Plus test expectation: Scope >= Recall among Total males and Total females related to ASI norms Score> Related Recall among female roll-on user than among total females. In Recall test expectation, Never Never scored much better for 1 and 2 when compared to the ISI norm of 13 and 17 of 1984. When Female roll-on user is compared to Total female user, Get Together and Never Never scored much better Sales message recall test When compared to the Spokesman, all the three categories showed less impact for all 3 campaigns On specific sales recall , Never Never can do better on Efficiency in the category of Total females and Female roll ons Audience reward expectation : The key element of strategy is to Attain higher average score on news Bra brand reinforcement and empathy Low confusion and Alienation To influence Target segment to view the brand favourably Never Never made Better influence on Total Males Relevant news but brand re-inforcement was not signifcantly higher. Never Never performed better in Males, Female and Female roll-on category related to Negative dimensions of Confusion Get together

Empathy factory was better influenced by Get Together Scored better significantly on Vigor and uniequness compared to Never Never Get together campaign had better familiarity showing possible continuation over existing campaign . Get together campaign supported the Alienation parameter as well Conclusion: Never Never has more indicators to be a successful campaign when compared to Get Together 3 How would Gillette-BBDO relationship be impacted? Was the bake-off decision an appropriate for the Dry Idea problem? Gillette- BDDO relationship improved by BDDO proving that the commitment to Gillettes long term business plan by showing they can work together to make a successful campaign. BDDO showed that they can create campaigns under pressure and showcasing their previous stand . BDDO strategy was in line with the long term strategy of Gillette and which convinced the Gillette management that BDDO can be their strategic partner The Bake-off created new avenues in the creative content of Dry idea and also helped to strengthen the relation and competitive advantage of long term business relation of both the firms