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Roast Pineapple Delice Jaconde Biscuit sponge Strawberry jam Sugar syrup Pineapple flesh Pineapple rings (Thin

slice) Milk Yolks Sugar Sugar Whites Gelatine leaves Cream whipped Pineapple glaze Fruit to garnish
Method 1. Soak the gelatine in cold water. 2. Line the base of the mould (see instructions below under jaconde sponge mix) and soak with a little sugar syrup. (to make the sugar syrup boil equal quantities of sugar and water with half a lemon and a vanilla pod.) 3. Roast the pineapple flesh with a little sugar. When it comes out the oven puree it in a robocoupe and return to a pan, correct the consistence if necessary with a little water or stock syrup and bring back to the boil. Remove from the heat, pass and cool to room temperature 4. Boil the milk. 5. Whisk the egg yolks and smaller amount of sugar together and then pour a little of the boiling milk on to the egg mix and whisk in. Return the egg mix to the pan and thicken. (It will have reached the correct consistency when it coats the back of a wooden spoon and will not run when a finger is run across the back.) Remove from the heat, melt in the gelatine and cool to room temperature. 6. Mix the pineapple puree with the crme anglaise and pass through a chinoise. 7. Make an Italian Meringue by placing the larger quantity of sugar into a pan and just coving with water. Bring to the boil and take to a temperature of 121C whisk into lightly whisk egg whites and whisk until cool. 8. Lightly whip the cream to a soft ribbon stage. 9. Fold half the cream into the pineapple crme anglaise. 10. Fold the meringue into the pineapple cream 11. Fold the remaining cream into the pineapple mix 12. Carefully fill the moulds with the pineapple mix and leave to set. 13. Take the slices of pineapple and place them into a pan and cover them with stock syrup, bring to the boil and poach until nicely softened. Remove from the liquid and cool. 14. Arrange the slices of pineapple around the tops of the pineapple delices.

1 mix 250g 250ml 500g 10 250g 12 100g 300g 3 9 800ml 400ml

1lt 2k 1lt 48 400g 1200g 12 35 3.2lt 1lt

15. To make the glaze boil a little pineapple puree with the stock syrup and melt in soaked gelatine leaves. 12 leaves will set 1 litter of glaze. 16. Glaze the tops of the set delices with the pineapple glaze and allow to set 17. Carefully de-mould the delices.

Jaconde Sponge Eggs Icing sugar Ground Almonds Flour Melted butter Egg Whites Cream of tartar Icing sugar 260g 150g 150g 40g 30g 200g 2g 20g

Method 1. Whisk the eggs, icing sugar, ground almonds, flour and coffee powder together until light and fluffy (until the powdered coffee has completely dissolved). 2. Add the melted butter, mix in well and reserve. 3. Make cold meringue with the egg whites, cream of tartar and icing sugar. 4. Fold into the base mix and spread into sheets. 5. Bake at 200C. 6. Once cooked remove from the oven and turn over onto a clean sheet of baking parchment. Do not peel the paper off the back until cold. 7. Use one of the sheets to cut out two disks to line the base of the mousse rings. 8. Spread the second sheet with beaten strawberry jam cut in half across its width and roll into two mini swizz rolls. 9. Thinly slice the mini swizz rolls and arrange around the edge of the mousse rings.