– In a recent release, WASTE-DERIVED BIOGAS: GLOBAL MARKETS FOR ANAEROBIC DIGESTION EQUIPMENT (EGY076A) from BCC Research (, the global market for biogas and landfill gas equipment for wastederived energy totaled $552 million in 2000. That value surpassed $3 billion in 2010, and is estimated to exceed $8.6 billion in 2016 after increasing at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.4% from 2011 to 2016. Biogas is generated through a microbial fermentation process known as anaerobic digestion, by which various waste streams can be cost-effectively converted into electricity and thermal energy. At the heart of the technology is the anaerobic digester, which in combination with a turbine or gas engine can serve as a complete power plant. Solid waste landfills also generate a recoverable biological gas through natural anaerobic digestion. Large quantities of gaseous fuel methane can be produced by the process; a valuable by-product in the form of fertilizer also is generated. Renewable, sustainable energy generation will be the fastest-growing energy sector over the next two decades. From 2010 to 2016, the market is projected to rise from $124 billion in 2010 to $217 billion in 2016. Price volatility, supply concerns, and the environmental aspects of fossil fuels are expected to accelerate the pace of all nonfossil-fuel development. Biogas, a clean fuel derived primarily from waste materials, is an important alternative to conventional fossil energy. This BCC Research report provides an in-depth analysis of the world market for the anaerobic digestion equipment used to transform waste materials into sustainable energy. Four waste types are evaluated as feed materials for the waste-to energy process: sewage, industrial wastewater, agricultural wastes (crop residuals and manure), and landfill gas. Three different end uses for the gas are also examined: municipal electricity production, on-site electricity (and heat) production, and transportation fuel. This study is intended to be useful to a broad audience, and specifically will be most useful to manufacturers and suppliers of anaerobic digesters and providers of anaerobic digestion technology. Others include manufacturers and suppliers of biogas condensation and upgrading equipment and technology, biogas distributors, water and power engineering firms, suppliers of power plants and electricity generating equipment, environmental management firms, companies specializing in anaerobic digestion equipment and other water and wastewater treatment equipment, and companies developing additives (chemicals, enzymes, etc.) to enhance gas production yields and process efficiencies.

In addition to EGY076A, BCC also recently released EGY077A, EGY078A, EGY079A, and EGY080A, four reports that respectively cover North American, European, Asian, and African anaerobic digestion markets in further detail. SUMMARY FIGURE VALUE OF THE GLOBAL MARKET FOR BIOGAS PLANT EQUIPMENT FOR WASTEWATER- AND BIOSOLIDS-DERIVED ENERGY, 2000-2016 ($ MILLIONS)

Source: BCC Research Waste-Derived Biogas: Global Markets for Anaerobic Digestion Equipment (EGY076A) Data and analysis extracted from this press release must be accompanied by a statement identifying BCC Research LLC, 49 Walnut Park, Building 2, Wellesley, MA 02481, Telephone: 866-285-7215; Email: as the source and publisher, along with report number, which can be found in the first paragraph of this release.

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