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DIDI BARRETT rd Assemblymember 103 District COMMITTEES Aging Agriculture Veterans’ Affairs

June 26, 2012

Hon. Garry A. Brown, Chairman New York State Public Service Commission Empire State Plaza, Agency Bldg. 3 Albany, NY 12223-1350 Re: Case 12-T-0248: Application of New York State Electric & Gas Corporation for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the Construction of the "Columbia County Transmission Project", Approximately 11.1 Miles of 115 Kilovolt Transmission Lines and related facilities in the Towns of Chatham, Ghent and Stockport, in Columbia County.

I am very proud to represent New York's 103rd District which includes the Towns of Ghent and Stockport. Both of these towns will be impacted by the abovereferenced transmission line project being advanced by New York State Electric & Gas Corporation ("NYSEG"). From my understanding, NYSEG’s application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need from the New York Public Service Commission has been postponed due to major discrepancies in their filing. I thank you for addressing these concerns over their filing as my office was not notified of their application, which you specified in your review. The NYSEG project, which currently consists of approximately 11 miles of above-ground transmission lines and related facilities, will cause serious disruptions and negative economic impact to the communities within my district if this project moves forward. Concerns include the loss of large amounts of agricultural land, the impact to the historic and cultural resources in the area, as well as the negative visual impacts placed on our parks, scenic areas and recreation spaces all of which contribute to the economy of Columbia County and make this the wonderful place that we call home. This is a region that has just recently begun to see an economic resurgence which will be severely impeded by this project. I am especially concerned by the number of constituents from the affected area that sat down with me to show that the proposed power lines would run directly over or next to their property. It is only fair to consider these people, many of them young families who have only recently invested in the community, attracted to the region by those very assets impacted by this project. I am writing to ask your agency to consider their concerns and opinions.

Legislative Office Building.state.It is my sincere hope that the Public Service Commission will ensure a thorough. Protect Ghent U. Commissioner Maureen F. Jr. 20th District NYS Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin. New York 12248 • 518-455-5177. Esq. please feel free to contact either of my offices listed below. FAX: 518-455-5418 DISTRICT OFFICE: 7578 North Broadway. Town of Stockport ALBANY OFFICE: Room 532. Congressman Chris Gibson.ny. Yours truly. Thank you for your consideration in advance. Esq. 108th District Supervisor Larry Andrews.. fair and balanced hearing of the NYSEG project once the discrepancies have been fixed on the part of NYESG. Harris.us . Larocca. Executive Director. FAX: 845-758-9794 EMAIL: barrettd@assembly. Commissioner William A. Commissioner James L. Red Hook. cc: Patricia L. Suite 4. Albany. If you should have any questions. Hurst. New York 12571 • 845-758-9790. Curry.. Acampora. Koethi Zan. looking at the actual need for this project versus any alternative options as well as the negative impact on the local communities.S. Commissioner Robert E. Town of Ghent Supervisor Matt Murrell.

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