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Smitten (a Holiday Garland)

Materials For 24 mittens and 6 crochet cords approximately 3 yards long or 2 knit cords approximately 3 yards long or a braided cord: -Four US 3, 3.25mm double pointed needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE -5 balls Knitpicks Swish Worsted Weight yarn (wool 50g/100yards) in assorted colors. Example uses Lotus, Peapod, Gulfstream, Semolina, Dublin and Orange -yarn needle and (optional) removable marker -Crochet Hook size H, 5.0mm (optional) -For an advent garland, you will also need 24 numbered tags or scrap yarn to duplicate stitch or embroider numbers. -A small amount of additional yarn (about 9g for three) may be needed if you choose to make the optional garland ties. Optional Materials for Display -If you prefer not to knit or crochet cords, a length (or lengths) of ribbon or decorative cording can be used instead. Mittens can also be hung in an existing garland or wreath. -For mitten money holders, omit the i-cord hanger and begin by casting on 24 stitches. Gauge 5 sts to an inch with worsted weight yarn yields mittens that are 4.5 from fingertip to cuff.

Notes -All increases are the kind where you lift the strand between the stitches. M1L and M1R are explained in the Abbreviations. -Links to tutorials for unfamiliar techniques, including duplicate stitch and i-cord can be found at http:// yarnmiracle.com/techniques -Stitch counts for dividing stitches on DPNs are given as 2-3-2. That is, 2 sts on needle #1, 3 on needle #2 and 2 on needle #3. -Stitch counts for critical rows or rounds will appear in parentheses: (17 sts) -If you are making these as ornaments, money holders, or need more or less mittens in your garland: 5 mittens can be made from one ball of Swish. -I encourage you to look through the pattern before starting. There are lots of possibilities! -Want to share? Send a picture of your finished Smittens to the Smitten flickr group: http://flickr.com/ groups/1531887@N20/ Abbreviations M1R- lift the strand between the stitches from front to back with the LH needle and knit through the back loop M1L- lift the strand between the stitches from back to front with the LH needle and knit All other abbreviations are standard.

Mitten (make 24 for Advent Garland) Cast on 3 stitches leaving a 4" tail, work i-cord on these three stitches for 3" (about 18 rows). With a knit cast-on, cast on 21 more stitches for a total of 24. Arrange stitches evenly on three double pointed needles and join to work in the round. (8-8-8) Rounds begin and end opposite the thumb. Rounds 1-8: *K1, P1 repeat from * to end of round (8 rounds of ribbing) Switch to stockinette and begin the body of the mitten Round 9: K3, M1R, K6, M1R, K6, M1L, K6, M1L, K3 (28 sts) Round 10: Knit Round 11: K12, M1R, K4, M1L, K12 Rounds 12-15: Knit (4 rounds) Round 16: K12, M1R, K6, M1L, K12 Rounds 17-19: Knit (3 rounds) Round 20: K12, M1R, K8, M1L, K12 Rounds 21-22 Knit (2 rounds) Round 23: K12 and move them onto needle 1, K10, move the remaining 2 stitches on needle 2 onto needle 3 for safe keeping (12-10-12) Work back and forth on the 10 stitches on needle 2 to make the thumb. Row 1 (WS): Purl Row 2: Knit Row 3: P2TOG 5 times Break yarn, leaving a 6" tail. Draw the tail through the live stitches of the thumb, pull up and secure. The tail will be used to sew up the side of the thumb when finishing. Continue Round 23 by attaching the yarn at the beginning of needle three and knitting all of the stitches on it. Rearrange stitches evenly on three needles and mark start of round if needed. (8-8-8) Round 24-30: Knit (7 rounds) Round 31: SSK twice, K6, K2TOG, SSK, K6, K2TOG twice (18 sts) Round 32: Knit Round 33: *K2TOG repeat from * to end of round (9 sts) Break yarn, draw tail through the remaining stitches, pull up and secure. Hide tail inside. Using the tail on the thumb, sew up the side of the thumb. Yarn can be knotted with the cast on tail (mid-round 23) at the thumb joint to secure. Hide the yarn ends inside. Fold the end of the i-cord to the mitten cuff and sew in place with the cast-on tail to form a loop for hanging. Weave in (or hide) all yarn ends.

Cord Choices (pick one - or a few) Crochet Cord (recommended - even if you have to learn to crochet) With one color and crochet hook, hold yarn doubled and chain until desired length is reached or yarn runs out. Hide ends. Two colors held together (both doubled) makes a thicker cord. Repeat as desired (or until yarn colors run out).

Garter Cord (striped) Using two DPNs as straight needles, cast on five stitches in one color. Work these five stitches in garter stitch changing colors as needed until cord is desired length. It is suggested that you plan ahead so you can change colors at predictable intervals based on the desired length of the finished cord. Cast on can be unraveled and the stitches added to another needle to add matching color on the opposite end. Bind off and weave in ends. Repeat as desired (or until yarn colors run out). Braided Cord (not pictured) Exactly what it sounds like. With an overhand knot, tie the ends of all six colors together (leave a nice tassel) and braid until desired length is reached. Finish with an overhand knot, leaving enough yarn for a tassel. Trim tassel ends to match. Other Ribbon, decorative cord or a store bought garland can also be used to display your mittens. Ties (optional - recommended if using more than one cord - example uses three) Using two double pointed needles, cast on 3 stitches. Work i-cord on these three stitches for a minimum of five inches (enough to tie an overhand knot) or as long as desired. Next: K1, M1R, K1 M1L, K1 Continue in garter stitch until the garter piece is two inches long (or desired length). Next: SSK, K1, K2TOG Work i-cord on these three stitches for the same length as the other end. Break yarn drawing tail through the live stitches. Hide yarn tails. Finishing for Advent Garland Attach numbered tags to each mitten or embroider numbers in scrap yarn. Spread out cord(s) and arrange mittens in numbered order by slipping the hanger over one or all the cords as desired. If using the optional Ties, fix them around all the cords at desired intervals to keep everything together. Attach to mantle, wall, coffee table or wherever. Tie ends can be looped over nails or heavy stocking holders (the metal kind with the hooks) to hold the garland in place.

Copyright 2010, Emily Ivey, emily@yarnmiracle.com, http://yarnmiracle.com Please share this free pattern, but do not sell it in any form or remove the copyright. If you choose to sell the mittens that you knit, please link to yarnmiracle.com and consider a donation to the HSUS.