Fact Sheet Incubator – Soft Costs June 2012

SunShot Incubator Program for Soft Cost Reductions Awards
The SunShot Incubator program invests in innovative solar startups that aim to reduce the costs of solar energy systems. The sixth round of funding focused exclusively on non-hardware solutions to reduce soft costs, such as financing, permitting, operations & maintenance (O&M), and customer acquisition. The SunShot Incubator invested up to $8 million dollars in 9 companies aiming to significantly reduce soft costs, making it faster, easier, and cheaper for American families and businesses to go solar. The following is a list of the maximum award values and project descriptions for this latest round of funding. Clean Energy Experts (Tier 1) – Manhattan Beach, CA ($495,040) Clean Energy Experts is creating a cloud-based software toolkit to reduce customer acquisition costs for U.S. solar companies. The industry-specific software toolkit enables companies – from small installers to large manufacturers – to improve their marketing effectiveness, close more sales, improve customer service, and ultimately reduce costs. Clean Power Finance (Tier 1) – San Francisco, CA ($500,000) Clean Power Finance is building an online marketplace that will increase certainty for O&M by providing back-up servicing for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The marketplace will enable various vendors to bid on repair jobs, ensuring service for homeowners and peace of mind for investors. Investors and analysts have cited the lack of large-scale O&M capabilities as a major factor preventing the securitization of solar, which is vital to growing the solar market with competitive capital investments. Clean Power Finance (Tier 2) – San Francisco, CA ($1,000,000) Clean Power Finance is creating an online brokerage for customer acquisition for solar companies. The brokerage will enable installers to use independent companies to lower customer acquisition costs through steadier project flows. concept3D (Tier 2) – Boulder, CO ($1,275,791) concept3D is building simuwatt, a virtual, visual, data-rich mobile application to rapidly determine solar energy output for high performance buildings and to instantly provide design documentation for permits. simuwatt will also enable 3D visualization of solar projects for utilities, installers, and manufacturers, creating a new pathway to reduce customer acquisition costs.

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Fact Sheet Incubator – Soft Costs June 2012
Distributed Energy Research & Solutions (Tier 1) – Cambridge, MA ($500,000) Distributed Energy Research & Solutions is streamlining the solar photovoltaic purchase process for installers while creating a novel reverse auction platform to ensure consumers receive the best prices available while lowering sales costs for installers through its website EnergySage.com. At EnergySage.com a consumer can solicit multiple quotes from pre-screened installers. The quotes are displayed in a standardized format that allows consumers to easily evaluate and compare them to select the best option, fostering price transparency and competition. Genability (Tier 1) – San Francisco, CA ($500,000) Genability is creating a suite of automation, optimization, and collaboration software tools for the solar industry. These will allow solar providers, installers, and financiers to optimize the economics and value of solar PV systems. From prospecting and initial estimates, precise avoided costs, system sizing and tariff optimization, to fully modeled power purchase agreement rates and escalators, Genability is streamlining the solar sales process. Simply Civic (Tier 1) – Parker, CO ($499,510) Simply Civic is streamlining management of permitting, inspection, and interconnection of solar energy systems through an innovative, modular online application available to every one of the 18,000 jurisdictions nationally. The tool will seamlessly enable jurisdictions and installers to track the status of solar projects in real-time while making it faster and simpler to process required paperwork. Solar Mosaic (Tier 2) – Berkeley, CA ($2,000,000) Solar Mosaic will bring much-needed capital to the solar industry by building a web platform for everyday Americans to create and fund solar projects. Mosaic's unique online crowdfunding platform will help reduce the soft costs of solar financing and customer acquisition while enabling thousands of Americans to own a piece of the growing clean energy economy. Tigo Energy (Tier 1) – Los Gatos, CA ($500,000) Tigo Energy is developing innovative software for solar PV systems that will use module-level monitoring data to automate key steps in the commissioning process, analyze system performance characteristics, and optimize the scheduling of ongoing O&M activities. This will benefit installers, system owners, and operations personnel by enabling them to target service and maintenance precisely where and when it is needed, reducing up-front labor costs and helping provide the lowest levelized cost of energy. Urban Glue (Tier 1) – Deephaven, MN ($402,050) Urban Glue is creating an automated solar assessment tool that can give a score to every building in a city. Homeowners and businesses will be able to quickly and easily determine if their rooftop is suitable for solar energy based on their custom score, which is determined by a complex algorithm that utilizes remotely sensed data and other inputs.
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