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Hi Friends, We are fully aware of the importance of summer vacations.

Here are a few tips that you would find helpful: Those people from 2k9 and 2k10 who want to start coding should clear their basics of C and Data Structures ( atleast solve the Lab Tutorial Sheet ) . You can refer the following books and tutorials: 1. Let us C (Yashwant Kanetkar ) 2. The C Programming Language by Kernighan & Ritchie 3. IIT Delhi Video Lectures on Data Structures available on DC For those who are through this but yet not started coding on Online judges : The best awaits you :

To start with there are a few really important and helpful sites that you must familiarize yourself with : 1. www.uva.onlinejudge.org // UVA is one of the oldest and finest judges apart from www.spoj.com 2. www.uvatoolkit.com // pretty helpful for debugging uva questions. 3. http://felix-halim.net/ // browse over it , its a very helpful site. 4. http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tutorials&d2=alg_index // too good tutorials 5. www.codechef.com // and its tutorials , though we advise you to go through the topcoder ones 6. www.cplusplus.com //the name suggest everything

There are a plethora of Online Judges available, what you have to do is START with these . The rest you will yourself discover in due time. Following are few problems from the online Judge UVA , people from 2k9 and 2k10 batch should try and solve these problems.

100 The 3n + 1 problem 101 The Blocks Problem 136 Ugly Numbers

146 ID Codes 443 Humble Numbers 455 Periodic Strings 488 Triangle Wave 490 Rotating Sentences 492 Pig-Latin 494 Kindergarten Counting Game 495 Fibonacci Freeze 530 Binomial Showdown 541 Error Correction 579 ClockHands 591 Box of Bricks 594 One Little, Two Little, Three Little Endians 10008 What's Cryptanalysis? 10018 Reverse and Add 10035 Primary Arithmetic 10038 Jolly Jumpers 10055 Hashmat the Brave Warrior 10062 Tell me the frequencies! 10098 Generating Fast, Sorted Permutation

And a few more with description of the problems :

ID --

NAME ----

LEVEL(out of 10) ----------------

COMMENTS --------

272 TEX Quotes 0.5 Don't treat it as a down-to-earth problem. Do it. 146 ID Codes 1.5 Makes you familiar with STL's next_permutation() function 541 Error Correction 1.5 445 Marvelous Mazes 2.0 Good(but easy) string-handling problem 499 What's The Frequency, Kenneth? 2.0 Try to get an O(n) solution to this problem 102 Ecological Bin Packing 2.5 Think a bit. Its not as difficult as it appears to be. 579 Clock Hands 2.5 Easy and Interesting. 673 Parentheses Balance 3.0 A good place to get familiar with the stack STL. 356 Square Pegs And Round Holes 3.0 Try to find a straighforward equation for segments. Good problem to score a high rank and get encouragement. 155 All Squares 3.0 If you successfully solve this simple problem, you will find it easier to tackle BACKTRACKING problems. 105 The Skyline Problem 4.0 671 Spell checker 4.0 665 False Coin 4.0 825 Walking on the Safe Side 4.5 Good problem to get started with Dynamic Programming(DP)

For those people who once atleast have cleared the first level can simultaneously start reading the book Programming Challenges by Skiena and Revilla on competitive programming. (Get the softcopy of the book from DC or ACM`s LAN website ) . Video lectures taken by Steven Skiena at The Honk kong University are also available on o DC .(Search for Programming Challenges ) . Register for Google Code Jam 2011 http://code.google.com/codejam/ o o Start Preparing for ICPC 2012 as a Team : http://cm.baylor.edu/welcome.icpc

If you have any problem solving any question or understanding some concept , feel free to bug us , we will be happy to debug you .
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