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Name About Accept All Changes in Doc Accept All Changes Shown Address All Caps Annotation App Welcome Apply Heading1 Apply Heading2 Apply Heading3 Apply List Bullet Arrange All Audio Notes Export Audio Notes Record Audio Notes Remove Audio Notes Remove Link Audio Notes Stop Auto Correct Auto Correct Show Smart Button Auto Correct Table Cells Auto Fit Content Auto Fit Fixed Auto Fit Window Auto Format Auto Format Begin Background Sound Background Watermark Bold Bold Bookmark Bring All to Front Browse Next Browse Prev Browse Sel Cancel Cancel Caption Center Para Change Case Change Case Change Case

Modifiers Command+Shift+ Command+Option+ Command+Option+ Command+Option+ Command+Option+ Command+Shift+ Command+Option+ Command+ Command+Shift+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Command+ Command+Option+ Command+ Command+ Shift+ Command+Option+

Key A A 1 2 3 L K B B F5 Page Down Page Up Home . Esc E F3 C

Menu Application/Apple menu Accept Accept Tools Help Window Audio Notes Audio Notes Audio Notes Audio Notes Audio Notes Tools Insert Word Field Insert Word Field AutoFit AutoFit AutoFit Format HTML Form Field Insert Insert Window Insert Format

Command Name Changes Char Left Char Left Extend Char Right Char Right Extend Check For Updates Checkin Checkout Clear Clear Clear Formatting Clear Recent Clear Static Guides Close Close All Close Pane Column Break Column Select Columns Compare Versions Copy Copy Copy Format Copy Text Copy to Scrapbook Create Auto Text Cross Reference Customize Keyboard Customize Keyboard Shortcut Cut Cut Date Field Date Time Define Reference Define Reference Delete All Comments in Doc Delete All Comments Shown Delete Back Word

Modifiers Shift+ Shift+ Command+ Command+Option+ Control+Shift+ Command+Shift+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Command+Shift+ Shift+ Option+Control+ Option+ Option+Control+ Command+Option+ Command+ Control+Shift+ Option+Shift+ Command+Option+S hift+ Command+

Key Left Arrow Left Arrow Right Arrow Right Arrow Clear Del W W C Return F8

Menu View

Help File File Clear Clear Clear Open Recent Show Invisibles Break Format Track Changes Menu C F3 C F2 C Edit F3 Insert Numpad- Tools Numpad+ X F2 D F7 R Delete Insert Reject Reject

Command Name Delete Back Word Delete Column Delete Row Delete Word Delete Word DMMCreate Catalog DMMCreate Restore Doc DMMShow Do Field Click Doc Close Doc Maximize Doc Minimize Doc Restore Doc Restore Doc Split Double Underline Draw Align Container Relative Smart Draw Bring in Front of Text Draw Clear Draw Format Object Draw Pick3 DColor Draw Send Behind Text Draw Set Fill Color Draw Set Line Color Draw Set Line Pattern Draw Toggle Edit Wrap Points Mode Draw3 DColor Draw3 DDepth Infinite Draw3 DDepth0 Draw3 DDepth1 Draw3 DDepth2 Draw3 DDepth3 Draw3 DDepth4 Draw3 DLighting Flat Draw3 DLighting Harsh Draw3 DLighting Normal Draw3 DParallel Draw3 DPerspective Draw3 DSurface Matte Draw3 DSurface Metal

Modifiers Option+ Command+Control+ Command+ Command+Option+ Option+Shift+ Command+ Command+ Command+ Control+ Command+Option+ Command+Shift+

Key Delete X Del G F9 F4 M F5 F5 S D

Menu Toolbar 32780 Toolbar 32780 Create Create Tools Window Window Window Align and Distribute Arrange Clear Format Extrusion Color Arrange Fill Color Line Color Line Color Text Wrapping Extrusion Color Extrusion Depth Extrusion Depth Extrusion Depth Extrusion Depth Extrusion Depth Extrusion Depth 3-D Lighting 3-D Lighting 3-D Lighting Extrusion Direction Extrusion Direction 3-D Surface Material 3-D Surface Material

Command Name Draw3 DSurface Plastic Draw3 DWire Frame Drawing Object Wrap Inline Drawing Object Wrap None Drawing Object Wrap Square Drawing Object Wrap Through Drawing Object Wrap Tight Drawing Object Wrap Top Bottom End of Column End of Column End of Doc Extend End of Document End of Document End of Line End of Line End of Line End of Line Extend End of Line Extend End of Row End of Row End of Window End of Window Extend Endnote Now Equation Insert Equation Toggle Extend Selection Feedback Field Field Chars Field Codes File Find

Modifiers Option+Shift+


Menu 3-D Surface Material 3-D Surface Material Text Wrapping Text Wrapping Text Wrapping Text Wrapping Text Wrapping Text Wrapping Insert Help Insert Insert

Page Down Control+ Page Down Command+Shift+ End Command+ End Option+ End End Command+ Right Arrow Control+ Down Arrow Shift+ End Command+Shift+ Right Arrow Option+Shift+ End Control+ End Command+Option+ Page Down Command+Option+S Page hift+ Down Command+Option+ E Control+ = F8 Command+ F9 Option+ F9 Command+ F

Command Name Find Dialog Find Previous Flag For Follow Up Font Font Footnote Footnote Now Footnotes Formula Get Started Go Back Go Back Go To Go To Go to Next Section Go to Previous Section Gridlines Grow Font Grow Font One Point Hanging Indent Header Header Footer Link Headings Help Help Hidden Highlight Updates HTMLCheck Box HTMLHidden HTMLList Box HTMLOption Button HTMLReset HTMLSource HTMLSubmit HTMLText Box Hyperlink Hyphenation Indent Index and Tables Insert Column Insert Column Right Insert Row Insert Row Above Insert Row Below Italic Italic

Modifiers Command+Shift+ Command+ Command+Shift+ Command+Option+ Shift+ Command+Option+ Command+Option+ Option+

Key G D F F F5 Z F5 G Page Down Option+ Page Up Command+Shift+ . Command+ ] Command+ T Control+Shift+ R Command+ / Help Control+Shift+ H Command+ K Control+Shift+ M Command+Control+ I Command+ I Command+Shift+ I

Menu Find Find Tools Insert View Table Help Find Find Table View Table Show Markup HTML Form Field HTML Form Field HTML Form Field HTML Form Field HTML Form Field View HTML Form Field HTML Form Field Tools Insert Toolbar 32779 Toolbar 32779 Toolbar 32779 Toolbar 32779

Command Name Justify Para Language Left Para Letter Properties Line Down Line Down Extend Line Up Line Up Extend Links List Num Field Lock Fields Lock Fields Lookup Reference Mac Page Setup Macro Mail Merge Check Mail Merge Create Data Source Mail Merge Create Header Source Mail Merge Edit Data Source Mail Merge Open Data Source Mail Merge Open File Maker Data Source Mail Merge Open Header Source Mail Merge to Doc Mail Merge Use Address Book Mail Merge Use Address Book Mac Mark Citation Mark Index Entry Mark Table of Contents Entry Master Document Menu Open Recent Menu Send Doc For Review Via IM Menu Send IM

Modifiers Command+ Command+

Key J L Down Arrow Shift+ Down Arrow Up Arrow Shift+ Up Arrow Command+Option+S L hift+ Command+ 3 Command+ F11 Option+ F8 Control+Shift+ K Control+Shift+ Control+Shift+ Command+Option+S hift+ Command+Option+S hift+ Command+Option+S hift+ E N I X O

Menu Tools Tools Edit Tools File Merge Data From Header Source Menu Merge Data From Merge Data From Header Source Menu Merge Data From Merge Data From View File Send To Messenger Send To Messenger

Command Name Menu Show Reviewers Merge Field Merge Revisions Microsoft On The Web2 More Recent Nav Pane Search New New Default New Print New Pub New Window New Word Note Next Field Next Misspelling Next Object Next Window Next Window Normal Normal Style Normal Style Notebook Object Office Drawing Online Open Open from Server Open or Close Up Para Options Other Pane Other Pane Outline Outline Show First Line Page Page Break Page Down Page Down Extend Page Field Page Numbers Page Up

Modifiers Control+Shift+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Option+ Command+Option+ Command+ Option+ Command+Option+ Command+Shift+ Option+Shift+ Command+Option+ Command+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Command+ Shift+ Command+Option+ Control+Shift+ Command+Option+ Shift+ Shift+ Control+Shift+

Key F P N F11 F7 Down Arrow F6 F6 N N Clear B O O 0 , F6 F6 O L P Enter Page Down Page Down P Page Up

Menu Show Markup Tools Application/Apple menu Open Recent Sidebar File Create New Word Document Create New Word Document Window Create New Word Document View View Insert Photo View File Application/Apple menu View View Break Insert

Command Name Page Up Extend Para Down Para Down Para Down Extend Para Down Extend Para Up Para Up Para Up Extend Para Up Extend Paragraph Paste Paste Paste Destination Formatting Paste Format Paste from Scrapbook Paste Special Prev Field Prev Object Prev Window Prev Window Print Proofing Proofing Properties Protect Unprotect Document Publishing Quit Reading Mode Layout Record Macro Toggle Redo or Repeat Redo or Repeat Reject All Changes in Doc Reject All Changes Shown Release All My Locks Repeat Find Repeat Find Repeat Find Replace

Modifiers Shift+ Command+

Key Page Up Down Arrow Option+ Down Arrow Command+Shift+ Down Arrow Option+Shift+ Down Arrow Command+ Up Arrow Option+ Up Arrow Command+Shift+ Up Arrow Option+Shift+ Up Arrow Command+Option+ M Command+ V F4 Command+Option+S V hift+ Command+Shift+ V Option+Control+ V Command+Control+ V Shift+ F11 Command+Option+ Up Arrow Command+Shift+ F6 Option+Shift+ F6 Command+ P F7 Command+Option+ L Command+Option+S P hift+ Command+ Q Command+ Option+ Command+ Shift+ Command+Shift+ Command+Shift+ Y Return G F4 F4 H

Menu Edit File File Tools View Application/Apple menu View Macro Edit Edit Reject Reject Tools Find Find Find Find

Command Name Reset Char Reset Char Reset Para Reveal Formatting Revision Marks Toggle Revisions Right Para Ruler Save Save As Save As Web Page Save to Server Save to Server Scrolling Text Section Break Section Break Cont Section Break Even Section Break Odd Select All Select Cell Select Column Select Row Select Table Send Mail Send to Msgr Show Show Show All Headings Show All Headings Show Auto Shapes Show Citations Tbx Show Comments Show Compat Report Show Dynamic Guides Show Format Changes Show Heading1 Show Heading2 Show Heading3 Show Heading4 Show Heading5 Show Heading6 Show Heading7 Show Heading8 Show Heading9 Show Hide Gallery Show Insertions and

Modifiers Command+Shift+ Control+ Command+Option+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Command+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Command+ Option+ Command+ Control+Shift+ Control+Shift+ Control+Shift+ Control+Shift+ Control+Shift+ Control+Shift+ Control+Shift+ Control+Shift+ Control+Shift+ Control+Shift+ Control+Shift+ Command+Option+

Key Z Space Bar Q E

Menu View Track Changes Menu R View S S File File Share Share HTML Form Field Enter Break Break Break Break A Edit Toolbar 32778 Toolbar 32778 Toolbar 32778 Clear Toolbar 32778 Share Share Numpad* 8 A A Insert View Show Markup View Show Invisibles Show Markup 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R View Show Markup

Command Name Deletions Show Margin Guides Show Markup Area Show Message Bar Show Object Palette Show Other Authors Show Outlines Show Ref Tools Show Static Guides Show Styles Pane Tbx Shrink Font Shrink Font One Point Shrink Selection Small Caps Sort Space Para1 Space Para1 Space Para15 Space Para15 Space Para2 Space Para2 Spike Spike Split Start of Column Start of Column Start of Doc Extend Start of Document Start of Document Start of Line Start of Line Start of Line Start of Line Extend Start of Line Extend Start of Row Start of Row Start of Window Start of Window Extend Strikethrough Subscript Superscript Symbol Tabs Templates

Modifiers Command+Control+ Shift+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Shift+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Command+ Command+ Command+ Command+ Command+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Option+Shift+ Control+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Option+ Command+


Menu Show Invisibles Show Markup View Show Markup Show Invisibles View Show Invisibles View Table Table Symbol Format Tools

M F7 , [ F8 K 1 1 5 5 2 2 F3 F3 Page Up Page Up Home Home Home Home Left Arrow Control+ Up Arrow Shift+ Home Command+Shift+ Left Arrow Option+Shift+ Home Control+ Home Command+Option+ Page Up Command+Option+S Page Up hift+ Command+Shift+ X Command+ = Command+Shift+ =

Command Name Thesaurus Time Field Toggle Field Display Toggle Master Subdocs Toggle Thumbnail Toolbars Turn On Auto Correct Un Hang Un Indent Underline Underline Undo Undo Undo Checkout Unlink Fields Unlink Fields Unlock Fields Unlock Fields Update Auto Format Update Fields Update Fields Update Source Upgrade Document VBCode Web Page Preview Word Count Word Left Word Left Extend Word Right Word Right Extend Word Underline Wrap Boundary

Modifiers Command+Option+C ontrol+ Control+Shift+ Shift+ Control+ Command+Shift+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Command+ Command+Shift+ Command+ Command+Shift+ Command+Option+ Command+Option+S hift+ Command+Shift+ Option+ Option+ Option+Shift+ Option+ Option+Shift+ Command+Shift+

Key R T F9 \ T M U U Z F1 6 F9 4 F11 U F9 U F7 F11 Left Arrow Left Arrow Right Arrow Right Arrow W

Menu Sidebar View Insert Word Field File File File Tools Text Wrapping