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My name is Patrik Bernard Kapuscinsky, I am defending your right to life Comox Valley Record and Echo newspaper reporters

June 29 2012

By the way you had interviewed me a few months back concerning the homeless tent set up across from the Alano Club. I will be in Court on the 4th of July and would appreciate your support and presence. The Icelanders have recently had success with telling the IMF to stand down and get the hell out of their Country for good. This is the beginning of the end of the Federal Reserve. All Countries are able to duplicate the model created by the people of Iceland. The people have awoken to the fact of who it is that gives the Sheriffs and Police the authority to arrest anyone for criminal behaviorIt is we the people who give that authority or power to the Sheriffs. We cannot expect to see Public Servants arrest themselves or their kind.. It is up to weregular people to file a criminal complaints with a Justice of the Peace against whatever unlawful Public Servant in your areaThen file a Civil case in Supreme CourtThen file Commercial Lien onto personal property of Crooked Public Servants. The Commercial Lien freezes credit and forces an earlier settlement. Tee heeeee I am in the process of doing this I am filing a commercial lien onto the local Comox Valley RCMP building for $ 26 000 000.00. The 4th of July is a fraudulently derived trial date from the lower form of courts called summary convictions. They have been grinding me for over a year now. I have been gathering evidence for a yearto take some Public Servants to the front of the Queens Bench the Supreme Court of Canada. I have a large paper work trail and could use your presence as witness to this unfolding. I operate under my Inherent God given Birth rights since May 2010 as the result of major fraud and criminal negligence on the part of many local Public Servants. I thank you kindly for your support and attendance Here is a link to my personal storytitled Message in a Bottle http://www3.telus.net/ourmessage/ Call to make an appointment for Monday or Tuesday at 250-331-0109. Thank you kindly. Also have a careful look at the twelve page intro to my lawfully established rights for a better understanding of the solution to our collective problems. There has been another illegal warrant issued over this fraudulent matter a couple of Wednesdays ago, it should be interesting either way. Again, thank you sincerely Patrik Bernard Kapuscinsky