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Since the founding of their Chapter in the early days of the Imperium, the Space Marines of the Angels of Malediction have been feared by their foes and praised by those they save. Tenacious and unforgiving in battle, the Angels of Malediction are among mankinds most zealous protectors. Yet it is more than simple duty that drives them to war and rumours persist that they are on a quest of some sort that may yet prove to be their undoing.
The Angels of Malediction can trace their origins into a time before the Horus Heresy and the subsequent event known as the Second Founding when the old Space Marine Legions were broken into smaller formations called Chapters. As with so much of the most ancient history of the Imperium these events have been lost to legend. All that is known for sure is that the Angels of Malediction were once part of the Dark Angels Legion of Primarch Lion ElJonson and even that is known only to a few of the most high ranking officers of their closest kin. The current Chapter owes much to their first Grand Master, a Terran Veteran of the Great Crusade by the name of Godemyr. When the Emperors Legions were launched to reclaim the galaxy for humanity he was appointed Master of the first vanguard Chapter of the First Legion. As the conquest radiated from the cradle of mankind it was always Godemyr and his men that first lunged into the void, ever ready to break the darkness and bring the light of the Emperor to the lost strands of humanity. It wasnt long before others referred to them as the light bearers. Fighting at the end of the supply line forced Godemyr to explore less direct approaches to battle and relay on far more precise reconnaissance, than the main combat Chapters of the Legions. Being a reasonable man many of his acquisitions for the Imperium were achieved without unleashing his Marines so as the Great Crusade progressed he penned down his experiences and doctrines to aid his peers. His works were widely acknowledged and used until they were later improved upon by various other commanders, including Primarchs. When the First Legion finally found their primogenitor, Lion ElJonson, on the death world of Caliban, they were renamed from the First into the Dark Angels Legion. This name did not sit well among the Terran veterans of Godemyrs Chapter. Though the name invoked images of heroic individuals from Calibanite legends Godemyr and his men preferred to be called the First. They believed that such a sinister name would clash with the idea of the Great Crusade, but for all their unease with the name they accepted new Calibanite brothers with open arms. The knightly culture from which most of the new recruits hailed reminded Godemyr greatly of his own people in the mountainous hinterlands of Spalatum on distant Terra. Now lead by their Primarch the Dark Angels rose to become one of the greatest, overshadowed only by the Luna Wolves Legion, of Primarch Horus, first among the Primarch brotherhood. As he was always in the forefront of his Legions advance Godemyr played a significant part in obtaining that hallowed position. For his dedication and valorous deeds the ruler of Mankind himself honoured him with the title of Emperors Myrmidon, his most lethal and loyal warrior, just one of the few dozen Marines to bear that prestigious title. Only months later that would be put to a test unlike any he ever expected.

The Knights Errant

The Angels of Malediction Space Marine Chapter

In the 7th year of the 31st millennium Primarch Horus raised the banner of rebellion and half of the Space Marine Legions joined his side, abandoning the Emperor for the dark gods of Chaos. The news reached Godemyr at the very edge of human colonisation among the Shield Worlds, fighting alongside the rest of the Dark Angels Legion. Seeing the dream he fought for over two centuries, a dream he bled for and saw his friends and kin give their lives for, now brought to ruin changed him. Previously taciturn and calculating commander famed for his careful approach and laser like precision gave in to a terrible anger like those written in the ancient myths of his home world. Thought his warriors tried to calm his spirit none could understand the depths of his anguish, none save the Lion and maybe a few other veterans that remembered the Great Boarding so long ago.

Ever a master of war Jonson unleashed Godemyr upon the traitors, even going as far as granting him the request of donning the crimson gauntlet, the ancient war symbol of his people, and his chapter out of love and respect followed suit. As the Imperium tore itself apart in a civil war the light bearers once more lit the galaxy, but this time with fires of retribution that consumed the worlds which sided with Horus. With the codes of conduct broken and honour cast into mud Godemyr finally became what he knew was always at the core of his being. Gone was the chivalrous knight of yesteryears, in his place a slayer stalked the stars akin to an ancient god of death risen from the underworld to pass judgement on mankind. For all their greatness the Dark Angels failed to arrive in time for the final battle upon Terra, so when their ships broke from the warp Horus was already dead, his minions in retreat and the Emperor mortally wounded. The Lion and his angels executed an immediate combat drop alongside Russs wolves and from that distant age to the very present one image haunts the sagas of the Space Wolves, histories of the Imperial Fists and battle songs of the White Scars, an image of red handed murderer roaring in atavistic rage as he vented his fury slaughtering the traitors. His men found him weeks later among the ruins of his old home as silent as the defiled statues of his ancestors. His people were no more, reduced to simple playthings of the Emperors Children traitor Legion and sacrificed for their pleasure. In his eyes he was a failure, unable to protect his Emperor and his people he had become worthless. In such a catatonic state he was taken aboard as the Dark Angels prepared to depart for Caliban to rearm before setting upon rebuilding what was sundered. Godemyr was absent from the events that came to pass on the Dark Angels return to Caliban and the horrible apocalyptic war they fought against their fallen kin. Only now they fully understood him, and blinded by their fury they destroyed their own world. It is said Godemyr regained his senses in the very moment when Jonson was struck down by the traitor, Luther, made instantly aware by some otherworldly sense of the tragedy that has transpired. In the conclave that followed the senior members of the Legion agreed never to reveal their shame and to forever strive to erase the stain on their honour. Not long after, Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines completed his Codex Astartes and old Space Marine Legions were divided into smaller Chapters of roughly a 1000 battle brothers in an event named the Second Founding. The Dark Angel Legion split into several new Chapters yet of these only four are widely known in the 41st millennium. One of those lesser known are the Angels of Malediction, the former first vanguard Chapter known as the light bearers. Godemyr named his new army after the very beginning of the old Legion, taking the name of the feast upon which the First Legion was founded by none other than the Emperor himself. Restored to his old demeanour Godemyr led the Chapter into the darkness of the void for there was much to be done. For another forty years Godemyr led the Angles of Malediction, reconquering worlds lost during the Horus Heresy. On the very edge of the Eye of Terror on a world whose name is lost to memory the Chapter countered an offensive of the World Eaters Traitor Legion. From the beginning the campaign went ill as they faced none other than Angron, the fallen Primarch. Days of brutal fighting accounted for more than a third of the Chapters warriors and their landing zone was in danger of being overrun. Gathering the few remaining Terran veterans Godemyr led a counterattack to cover the retreat of the rest of the force. The Emperors Myrmidon was last seen carving his way through the Berzerkers of Khorne on a direct path towards Angron himself, his honour and pride demanding nothing less. The Angels of Malediction then virtually disappeared from the records of the Adepts of Terra. Persecuting foes beyond the borders of the Imperium the Chapter strove to emulate the deeds of their founder in the Great Crusade. Unexpectedly they do return from the wilderness space into the Imperial held subsectors to aid other armies of the Imperium. Emerging from the darkness of the void like death itself none knows their agenda; often those that receive assistance are not even aware of their presence until they descend upon the enemy. On the completion of their mission they depart as suddenly as they have arrived, leaving no one wiser, but deeply thankful of their intervention.

Home Worldiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
As befits their crusading endeavour Angels of Malediction have no home world to call their own. Instead the facilities needed for the proper functioning of a Space Marine force are dispersed upon the Battle Barges, Strike Cruisers and Forge Ships of the Chapter. At the heart of their Fleet is the Battle Barge Krakus, a potent vessel constructed at the Jovian shipyards before the Great Crusade. The interior of the ship has few if any counterparts among the Battle Barges of the Adeptus Astartes. Most of the carrying capacity is sacrificed to provide more space for the main Apothecarion, the central Librarius and the breathtaking Cathedral of the Godemyrs wrath. Due to the nature of their existence the Angels of Malediction recruit wherever and whenever opportunity presents itself. On worlds visited all the boys of suitable age will be gathered from the vicinity of the landing. To become an aspirant of the Chapter they will be subjected to ancient ritual trials of the Unforgiven. While their flesh will be sampled for genetic deviancies and mutations, they will be tested to show their mental and spiritual strength as much as their physical capabilities. Those selected will receive the blessed organs that separate Marines from mortal men. The aspirant will then join the 10th Company, where under the stern gaze of tutor sergeants they and their peers will be transformed into full Space Marines. Though the sergeant to whom he will be assigned determines when he is ready for the final test, the battle brothers along which he will be sent to fight will judge if he is worthy or not of the right to bear the sacred power armour of the Adeptus Astartes. Resources are hard to come by for the Angels of Malediction so far from regular lines of supply provided by the Forge Worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The lack of a home world further hampers this as the Forge Ships available to the Chapter can barely produce all that is needed to sustain a constant war effort. To partially counter these shortages the Chapter is wont to harvest resources of the worlds they battle for. Once the fighting has ended the ships of the Angels of Malediction will hang above the planet like some ancient leviathans, while conveyor vessels load men and materials needed to continue their endless task. Sometimes when pressed by need the Chapter will descend upon uninhabited worlds, asteroids or comets to replenish their depleted storage decks.

Combat Doctrineiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
As it is with their kin, the Dark Angels, the Angels of Malediction fight according to the doctrines laid out in the Codex Astartes. Often heavily outnumbered and operating far from supply lines the Chapter relays heavily on it scouts to provide accurate reconnaissance and preliminary hit and run attacks. The Angels show remarkable patience in dismantling enemy forces sometimes applying as many as two dozen lesser assaults, rather than a few powerful ones to ensure victory. Though when the time comes or the need dictates the Angels of Malediction do not shy away from direct frontal assaults. Engagements observed by others have been reported as highly effective and seamed well planed based on the execution. Drop Pod assault is a tactic favoured by the Company Masters. Supported by ample amounts of Land Speeders and Thunderhawk Gunships needed for extraction and redeployment once the objective is met, Space Marines of the Chapter have encountered few foes that can match them. In recent years assaults launched via Lightninghawk gunships, smaller cousins of the Thunderhawks, have been noticed to gain in popularity. A practice frowned upon by many other Space Marines has rooted itself within the Chapter. The Angels of Malediction sometimes use stim-packs, more commonly known as combat drugs, to boost their abilities. It is a dangerous practice developed during the dark days of the Age of Redemption when the Chapter was reduced to barely two hundred battle brothers following a disastrous war against the Beil-Tan Craftworld.

The Angles of Malediction follow the dictates of Codex Astartes as much as their needs and divergent beliefs allow them. Their organisation mostly matches that of Codex adherent Chapters such as the Aurora or Genesis Chapter. Having a veteran, four battle, four reserve and a scout company they even differ from the other Unforgiven. The 1st Company is known as the First and is made out of the veteran members of the Chapter. Their purpose roughly combines the tasks performed by the Deathwing and the Ravenwing of the Dark Angels, locating and capturing the Fallen. The First

does not take to battle exclusively in terminator armour as their more famous counterparts but rather follows a more flexible Codex approach. The other Companies also only superficially follow the Codex. Each is made out of 100 battle brothers divided into 10 Crusader squads. The division between Tactical, Assault and Devastator squads has over time been eroded as individual Companies had learned to expect the unexpected in the vast expanses of the wilderness space. Each Marine in the Company is expected to be proficient in all three duties as well as being able to operate any of the vehicles attached to the Company. Though different squads no longer exists on paper, in reality Marines converge to the modes of operation they are most proficient with. On rare occasions battle brothers will deploy in scout armour when the situation at hand requires more experienced warriors than those provided by the 10th Company. The higher echelons of the Angels of Malediction match those of the other Unforgiven apart from a small variation. The First are not considered part of the Chapters headquarters and a separate group of warriors known as the Paladins takes the place of Honour Guards employed by strictly Codex adherent Chapters. These elite Marines form retinues of the members of the Inner Circle, who are not Company Masters, when they take to the field of battle. On rare occasions these embodiments of virtues all Angels of Malediction aspire to may be attached to a Company if the Grand Master deems their presence will be needed in the conflict at hand. From the members of the Paladins a warrior is selected through ritual combat. The winner serves the Chapter as the Emperors Myrmidon of the Angels of Malediction, honoured to be the living personification of the Godemyr the light bringer.

that turned from the Emperor in the past ten thousand years have felt the Chapters wrath.

Belonging to the illustrious bloodline of Lion ElJonson the Angels of Malediction can call upon one of the finest pedigrees in the Imperium. Their geneseed is pure and untarnished but nothing is left to chance. The Chapter maintains a disproportionally large number of Apothecaries in order to insure no mutation occurs in their organs and all of them function without any deviations. The need to maintain their genetic purity is one of the Chapters fundamental drives and living link to the time when the Emperor and the Lion walked among them. Without a reserve position to retreat to it is paramount all, if possible, gene-seed gets harvested from the slain battle brothers. The need to maintain a stable number of geneseeds had birthed a tradition that each individual progenoid gets extracted as soon as it matures, circumstances allowing. It is also a rare occurrence for less than half a dozen Apothecaries to be dispatched with a strike force. Though contact with the Adeptus Mechanicus is virtually nonexistent the Chapters gene-seed tithe is regularly delivered through one of the other Unforgiven Chapters acting as intermediaries.

For the Emperor!, For the Lion! and Remember the Myrmidon! are all equally used with the later being preferred when facing traitor Space Marines. Mordekai Moriarty Third Company Master The Master of the Third Company of the Angels of Malediction is the most wildly known warrior of the Chapter outside the ranks of the Unforgiven. Sent by the Grand Master on an errand within the borders of the Imperium he and his warriors had won much renown as well as grudging respect of other Chapters they fought alongside on their mission. Taciturn and sombre he is completely devoted to the task given to him and will brook no interference in achieving his goal. Preferring to direct his troops from a distance he is no stranger to personal combat as attested by several captains of other Chapters acknowledging his superior swordsmanship during their training duels. The Kothar Directive Mostly isolated from the rest of the Imperium the Angels of Malediction were forced to improvise and adapt. The process of retrofitting tanks based on the Rhino chassis from one into another has been known for millennia, but the transformation is not taken lightly by the Adeptus Mechanicus or the Techmarines of the Adeptus Astartes. Pressed by the lack of fighting vehicles, during the subjugation of Elish, a previously lost human world with a fairly developed understanding of technology, Grand Master Kothar ordered the Chapters Techmarines to provide him with the tanks he needed to break the opposition. At first reluctant to obey the order to debase the sacred machines the Techmarines delved deep into the secrets of the Rhinos design. After days of research, fasting, prayer and consulting the Emperors Tarot they came to the conclusion that the ability to fit and retrofit the Rhino into any form needed was inbuilt into its design and therefore planed. Further research showed similar finds in other STC templates at their disposal and the inquisitive minds of the Techmarines were ensnared upon a path of discovery. Soon the Angels of Malediction had at their disposal a variety of fighting vehicles far more diverse than what their limited production capabilities would suggest. Instruments of War Fighting wars on worlds long separated from the rest of humanity inevitably led to the discovery of equipment long thought lost or even completely unknown to the Imperial military machine. These among others include the versatile Lightninghawk gunship, Goliath battle harness and the Maglev pattern multi-purpose plasma cannon. In addition the Chapter included into their armoury some vehicles not usually used by the Adeptus Astartes such as the ambiguous Leman Russ Battle Tank, especially the Punisher variant. The galaxy is a big place and the actions of the Angels of Malediction have gone unrecorded for now.

To the Angels of Malediction, the Emperor and the Lion are distant figures, mythological forefathers of their brotherhood. Both are revered as the greatest men of their age but it is the persona of Godemyr that is in the centre of their veneration. They themselves maintain they are custodians of his oath, sworn to protect mankind and scour the starts of any trace of the heretic, the mutant and the xeno, carrying on the ideals of the Great Crusade. Nothing shall stay their hand until the day all of humanity is united under the benevolent gaze of the Emperor. The legendary intolerance for non-humans among the descendants of the Dark Angels has taken an even darker path in the Angels of Malediction. As their oaths bind them they will not only refuse to fight alongside any alien races but actively pursue any information on their locations in order to purge them from the galaxy. Who knows how many alien species have been exterminated for the security of mankinds future? This sense of a divine mandate to cleanse the stars spreads even to humanity. Various strains of abhumans are treated no different than the xeno by the Angels of Malediction. Some in the Ordo Hereticus have linked reports of destroyed fringe abhuman settlements with rumours of the Chapter operating in the vicinity, but to this date no full blown inquiry has been launched. The persecution of the Godemyrs oath drives the Angels of Malediction ever onwards into the darkness between the stars, but there is another motive why the sons of the Lion scour the remote places of the galaxy. Like all of the Unforgiven they bear the burden of the terrible truth that mars the honour of the scions of the First Legion, the existence of the Fallen. The zeal and tenacity with which they pursue the fallen is matched by few if any other Unforgiven. When it is believed that a Fallen is located the Chapters Chaplains will whip the brethren selected for the mission into a hate filled, vengeful frenzy, with their fiery oratory. Nothing is allowed to stand in their way and should a Fallen be captured a fast ship will depart the fleet on its way to the Tower of Angels. Following the events of the Horus Heresy and those that transpired on Caliban Marines that followed Godemyr to found the Angels of Malediction grew increasingly mistrustful of anyone outside a small circle of Chapters with whom they shared either a blood or an honour bond. The betrayal of the Tech Adepts of Mars was never forgotten and Godemyr vowed his warriors would never depend on the treacherous progeny of the Machine God, no matter how dire the circumstances. They would stand on their own and if the Emperor wills it they will fall on their own. Not a single Techmarine has ever been sent to Mars to be trained, the Angels of Malediction preferring to pass down their own teachings and traditions from one generation of Techmarines to another. Many of the Forge Worlds

Green Dark Angels Green cca. # 1F6100 Red Blood red cca. # ED0000 Gryphon Metal Chainmail/Boltgun # 8E8C91 Rubber Chaos Black cca. # 001522 Lense # FBFF00; P # 6EAFFF; C # C90000

Squad Rahab Brother Tarthys 14 Years of Service

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