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Nu Flow Is Perfect Trenchless Solution for Underground Wyes

Nu Flow can complete the most complex pipe lining jobs using our unique, in-place solutions. Recently, skilled Nu Flow technicians lined an underground sanitary main line with several wye fittings. Because this facilitys drain pipes carry hot, chemical-rich waste, the pipes were lined with our high-temperature epoxy to prevent future corrosion and breaches in the pipe line. Project: Rehabilitate an underground main line and reduce inconvenience to the customer as much as possible. Site: Crothall Laundry Services, located in Clermont, Florida, contains large, industrial cleaning machinery to provide hospitals with high-scale laundry services. System: 8-wide cast iron sanitary main line that is located under slab and several large machines. This pipe main line also includes four wye fittings (triangular connections). Problem: The 8-wide cast iron sanitary main line beneath the slab in the facility had holes and experienced flow problems, as a result of the corrosive chemicals that run through the drain system. This main line is located underneath several large machines that are unable to be removed without a significant cost and business downtime. Circumvention: A traditional repipe would have forced the relocation of heavy laundry equipment above the failing pipe line. The floor, concrete slab and dirt would have been excavated and then replaced after the new pipe system was installed. This would have caused extensive inconvenience and a loss in money and productivity, since the laundry equipment would not be functional. If the customer had decided to just ignore the main lines flow problems, a sinkhole could have formed under the heavy equipment and would have caused expensive damage, as well as business disruption. Solution: Nu Flow saved the customer a monumental amount of money, time and hassle. We were able to create a flexible schedule that pleased the customer. The work was completed in two weekends with the technicians working evening/night shifts on Saturdays and Sundays, which minimized inconvenience for Crothalls operations.

The configuration of the pipe lent itself well to a pull-in-place system, as there were multiple wyes in the pipes which would have had to be dug to use any other form of trenchless technology.
- Grant Duxbury, Regional Manager, Nu Flow

Nu Flows high-temperature epoxy is able to withstand the heat and high chemical contents of the washing machine waste water. Standard resins would not hold up to the temperature or corrosiveness of the chemicals. Nu Flows patented Pull-in-Place structural lining technology allowed the technicians to efficiently line the pipe system, despite the complexity from the connections and wye fittings. This structural liner creates a protective new pipe within the host pipe that will cover up all holes, improve flow and protect the pipe line from the hot, corrosive waste. In-place technology made it possible to complete the job without having to cause demolition. Nu Flow helps protect your business by offering convenient, fast-paced and no-dig solutions to pipe system failures, which prevents mess and disruption to business operations.

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