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1.1 Original and photocopy of Transcript of Records with date of graduation, S.O. number, scanned picture & with remarks: for board examination purposes only. CHED recognition Certificate for all new Schools/Programs; 1.2 Original & photocopy of birth certificate from NSO (SECPA). A photocopy of birth certificate from Local Civil Registrar is required if the NSO copy is not clear; 1.3 For married female applicants- original & photocopy of marriage certificate from NSO (SECPA). A photocopy of marriage certificate from the Local Civil Registrar is required if the NSO copy is not legible; 1.4 Three ( 3 ) copies of colored identical passport-size picture in white background and complete nametag; 1.5 Current CEDULA (CY2011); 1.6 Examination fee P 600.00; 1.7 Documentary stamps; 1.8 PRC window envelope with stamp ( for Baguio examinees only )


2.1 Photocopies of valid Certificate of Registration (COR) and current Professional Identification Card (PIC) as a duly Registered Nurse (RN);

2.2. Accomplished Forms: a) Form No. 106 - twenty (20) Records of Actual Deliveries Handled b) Form No. 107 five (5) Records of Actual Suturing of Perineal Lacerations c) Form No. 107-A five (5) Records of Actual Intravenous Insertions Duly signed by the Registered Midwives (RM) who directly supervised the case requirements, and duly certified by any of the following officers/officials: 2.2.1. Municipal/City Provincial Health Officer (rural health unit, birthing, lying-in clinic, home delivery) and 2.2.2. Chief/Director of Hospital (hospital cases);

2.3. Certification of Consent/Approval, indicating that he/she had secured the consent/approval of the Director/Chief of Hospital or the Municipal Health Officer prior to his/her exposure to the concerned health facility.



3.1. The procedures submitted shall be actually handled by the applicant after his/her registration as a Nurse. 3.2. The actual procedures shall be supervised by a Registered Midwife (RM) who has been trained on the expanded functions as provided for under R.A. No. 7392. For midwives registered before 1996, or graduates under the old Midwifery curriculum, a copy of the Certificate of Training on the expanded functions shall be submitted. The Training Program prior to its adoption and implementation shall be approved by the CPE Council for Midwifery.

This program can be obtained from accredited institutions/agencies such as the following: 3.2.1. Association of Philippine Schools of Midwifery, Inc. (APSOM) 3.2.2. Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines, Inc. (IMAP) 3.2.3 Other Institutions/agencies currently approved/accredited CPE Providers by the CPE Council for Midwives created and supervised by the Professional Regulatory Board of Midwifery subject to approval by the Professional Regulation Commission. 3.3. The Registered Midwife (RM) who supervised the procedures shall provide the following information: 3.3.1. Photocopy of Employees ID, and 3.3.2. Photocopy of Professional Identification Card (PIC). 3.4. Actually handled cases shall not be more than one case a day to allow adequate time for the monitoring of labor, delivery, provision of postpartum care, and newborn care. 3.5. The Certifying Officer who is any of the Hospital Chief of Director, Provincial/City/Municipal Health officer, as the case maybe, shall provide the following: 3.5.1. Photocopy of Employees ID, and 3.5.2. Photocopy of Professional Identification Card (PIC)

Board exam will be on November 17-18 (Saturday and Sunday) submission of cases to PRC Davao is on October 29, 2012
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