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Teacher: Miss Unun and Miss Sisi

The Adventure of James and By: Irfan

(A story made from a game called Age of Empires 3)


England is at war with Spain during the early 19th Century. England was very impenetrable. Even with all of Spains troops England could win the war with only infantries like Longbowman (Archaic long-ranged archer, good against infantry), Pikeman (Archaic heavy infantry, good against cavalries and buildings), and Redcoat (An infantry armed with a bayonet to beat cavalry).

They also have Cavalries and Artilleries, the cavalries are: Hussar (A cavalry armed with cold steel) and Dragoon (A long-ranged cavalry). The artilleries are: Grenadier (A soldier armed with a grenade), Falconet (Light Cannon, good against infantries), Culverin (Anti-artillery artillery), and Mortar (An artillery firing shells which is called today bombs, it is only for buildings) for destroying buildings.

Chapter 1 At 16th May 1794, lived two young adults called James and John. James was older than John because James was born at 15th August 1778 but John was born at 21st December 1780. They went to a hill. Its so high that they need days to reach the top. 24th May 1804, at the hill of Cambrian Mountains, Wales, United Kingdom, Great Britain

At last said James, We have arrived at the top. Then they said Hooray! After that, they walked several meters forward and found a house. Look at that house said James. Isnt it old? John answered, I think so, but dont you just go there alone? Then James replied, Come on, its ok! So they rushed into the house and they found a treasure box filled with gold, gold rings, gold crowns, gold watches, all in gold. Hey, remember this! Our Im too scared to go there. Why

explorer Duke Richton said that if we found something valuable, we have to give him half of it, because hes our leader too, not only the explorer. said James. Because of that, they brought it home. They also lived at the house for two days.

1st June 1804, London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Great Britain Your majesty, Duke Richton. We are here to tell you that weve

found a ransom of gold pieces, gold rings, and gold watches. Said James and John. Then the Duke said, Well, you can have half of it. And the rest of the half, Ill take it. Then they shared the loot. After they left the Dukes Palace, John said, Phew, what a tiring day. Then James replied, As same as me too! After that, they went home. The next day, the Duke said to them that they now could work as a settler. Which works to build

Barracks for infantries, Stables for cavalries, Artillery Foundry for artilleries, Arsenal for the troops improvements, Mills for foods, Trading Posts for troops, improvements, and bonuses from tribes settlement, Plantations for the coins alternative, Frontier enemies troops, Houses for settlers, troops, and priests, Markets, Livestock Pens, Capitols, cutting down trees for woods, mining mines for coins, hunting animals for food, picking berries for food, harvesting foods for food Outposts for extra defense from

stock, and harvesting foods for coins. Chapter 2 They worked as a settler there for years. In 30th September leader, Captain Santiago de Cubaa attacked London. But before that, the Spanish warriors defeated the Portuguese warriors and also the explorer and leader of war Captain Santiago de Cubaa because only Captain Santiago de Cubaa wanted war, 1807, Portugueses explorer and

and they proposed peace. The next year.... Spain attacking!!!!

Attack!!!! said Duke Richton. Attack them with 5000 of our

1000 Rodeleros from Spain!!!! 10000 Skirmisher!!!! Theyll lose quickly, even if they use artilleries too. They fought at 1st October 1808 until 17th May 1842. The

worst part for the Spanish is at

the 1st January 1842, the explorer

and leader of Spanish war died. No one can replace him. No one was brave to be like him because all people fear that if he/she was the explorer and leader of war, the enemy explorer and leader of war can attack him/her that can make him/her dead. A colony without an explorer and leader of war can be fatal. They wont know whats the plan to do and the enemy colony can destroy the colony that doesnt have the explorer and leader of war because only the explorer and leader of war

that can control anything. Then, English and French attacked Spain at 23rd July 1846.

24th July 1846, Madrid, Spain, Spain Because of Spains braveness, there was a new explorer and He had a war too with Portuguese and won it for only a year. Making English and Duke Richton haunted. But they were brave. And Duke Richton will always say, I have nothing against massacres! said Duke leader Captain Sanchez de Porto.

Richton. Then they sailed to Spain through French, because its more efficient to have war at land than on sea, because the troops and the explorer and leader of war can die if the ship they ride sinks. The French would like a war too with the Spain, French some wealth to the explorer and leader of war, Count Jean-Pierre Magalle to help them in resources needed for training. and then the English gave the

Chapter 3 So, when the troops reach Madrid, Spain, Spain, the Englishs and Frenchs explorer and leader of war and their warriors attacked Captain Sanchez de Porto and his Castle. But they didnt know that the Spain allied with Portuguese as same as the Spain and the Portuguese didnt know that English allied with French. When they attacked the castle, the Portuguese defended it with 2,000 organ guns. Then, English

attacked them back by 1,000 Culverins, 1000 Grenadiers, and 1000 Falconets. Of course the Portuguese loses. But the Spanish attacked English and French for now. The Spanish used 20000 Rodeleros!!!! How do the English and French could win the war? English attacked the Rodeleros with 10,000 Kings Life Guard Hussars and 5,000 Rockets. The French also attacked them with 10,000 Voltigeur Skirmisher (Frenchs Skirmisher troop). Then, So that didnt haunt them and the

the Rodeleros died quickly. After that, English and French managed to destroy the castle and killed Captain Sanchez de Porto. After the Spanish died, English and French was really happy. They went back to their countries. But, after that, Portuguese French. planned a war at English and

Chapter 4 13th February 1873, Paris, Paris, France As the Portuguese troops walked past the French Border, they started to destroy the French Capital, Paris. Their tactic was going from the English Channel and going to a river near a city called Le Havre, HauteNormandie, France, because the river connects the English Channel to Lac dAuzon-Temple (Rservoir Aube) Reservoir through Paris!!! How easy!!! So, they went through all of it, but

when they faced 100,000 Voltigeur Skirmisher and 50,000 Culverins, they used 50,000 (all) organ guns. But they still lose, so they used their 60,000 Jinete Dragoons. Neither Portuguese nor English win, but French was still strong, they still had 50,000 Voltigeur Skirmisher. So, they killed the explorer and leader of war of Portugal, Admiral Juan De Panama. It was a celebration, the Spanish and the Portuguese explorer and leader of war died. The celebration is called The Cambrian Mountains Help

because the English got much wealth from a house at a hill at the Cambrian Mountains, Wales, United Kingdom, Great Britain. Their victory was at the 27th October 1874.

Chapter 5 The English and French were really happy; Duke Richton and Count Jean-Pierre Magalle were having euphoria! Spain and Portuguese wasnt like we thought, stronger than us. After that, Duke Richton and Count Jean-Pierre Magalle thanked to

their god, praying. The next year, all English and French went to the house at the hill of Cambrian Mountains, which is several kilometers from Newton, Wales, United Kingdom, Great Britain. They gave James and John a crown, because the wealth they had is reaching a value of 1,000,000! Duke Richton thanked them a lot. The next day, James and John were offered to be the King of United Kingdom. James accepts it, while John wanted to live at the palace. Then, Duke Richton shows James his

daughter, Ellen. His daughter was really beautiful. Then, James asked Ellen whether he could marry Ellen. After that, they proposed to marry. Now, James and Ellen are husband and wife! The United Kingdom celebrated it because its really hard to mate a Kings Daughter.

James and Ellen lived at the Palace. They had a relaxing moment. Even for James after working hard as a settler for gathering resources and building buildings. Now, James can drink

a cup of tea, a drink that he hasnt drink! He can now also eat bread, rather than potatoes when hes a settler. His poor life suddenly turned into a rich life, being a king. Now, James is called King James the Great, Ellen is now called Queen Ellen I. They lived happily ever after.