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Aziz Ansari Is From a Red State, Too

WHERE IS Aziz’s phone? That seems to be the most frequently asked question on the set of Master of None’s season two, most frequently by Aziz Ansari, the show’s star and co-creator. “I try not to keep my phone on me because I need to keep all distractions out of my face when I’m trying to do all of this shit,” he says. So he makes a point of handing it off to his assistant, Jessica, whose main job seems to be to keep Ansari’s phone charged and to run across this Brooklyn soundstage and fetch it whenever he wants it, which turns out to be always, and then to remind him that she’s already given
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The Secret to Pitching

Lakshmi Balachandra is a former entrepreneur, improv comedian and venture capitalist. She now works as a professor at Babson College, studying negotiation, pitching and trust development in the world of entrepreneurship. She talks us through how best to engage potential investors, partners and clients, and how to avoid mistakes that can kill a deal. Related: 5 Steps to Master the Art of Negotiation What are investors really looking for when they sit down to hear a pitch?They always say “passion.” But I’ve tested it, and they don’t want passion. I spent two days with the Tech Coast Angels [a la
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‘I Have No More Secrets’

Caitlyn Jenner isn’t about to look like a grandma. On a spring day in L.A. she’s rocking black boots with heels and a short sweater-dress. “This is a young and hip, cute little look,” says Jenner, whose ensemble shows off her tanned legs—and a faint scar from a college football injury. “Am I going to dress like a 67-year-old? No! In actuality I’m 2 years old!” Indeed, it’s been just 22 months since Caitlyn made her public debut on the cover of Vanity Fair, a culmination of her transition from Olympic icon to transgender woman. Since then her life has been a crash course in living freely as a
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Powerful & necessary…

In this book addressed to his teenage son, Coates handles the tragedy of America’s history of racism and the most recent displays of police violence with a poetry and an honesty that make the book impossible to put down.