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Meet the Doctor Who Sells Blood Plasma From Teens

If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk. But if you give a mouse a transfusion of blood plasma from a much younger mouse, you can improve his cognitive and neurological functions—and reverse the effects of aging. The scientific studies are fairly remarkable. In 2014, researchers at Stanford University demonstrated that infusion of young blood plasma in mice "is capable of rejuvenating synaptic plasticity and improving cognitive function." In other words, blood helps keep mice young. Can this work on humans, too? Jesse Karmazin, a 32-year-old physician and graduate o
The New York Times
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Stop Treating 70- and 90-Year-Olds the Same

This article is accompanied by an illustration by Harry Campbell that is available at no charge to clients of The New York Times Op-Ed service. HUMAN DIVERSITY REACHES ITS APEX IN OLD AGE, BUT HEALTH CARE DOESN’T REFLECT THAT. Every summer around this time, pediatricians’ offices are flooded with children getting the vaccines they need to start another year of school. Doctors base their advice on which shots patients should get when on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine recommendations. The guidelines are presented in two schedules, one for children, the other for adults,
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Democrats In Congress To Explore Creating An Expert Panel On Trump’s Mental Health

Three congressional Democrats have asked a psychiatrist at Yale School of Medicine to consult with them about forming an expert panel to offer the legislators advice on assessing President Trump’s mental health. Yale’s Dr. Bandy Lee told STAT that over the last few weeks members of Congress or their staff have asked her to discuss how members might convene psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals “to review the president’s mental health, and review it on a periodic basis.” The closed meeting is expected to take place in September, she said. The request came from thre