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8,200 Years Ago, California's Forecast Was 150 Years Of Rain

A quarter section of White Moon Cave stalagmite dated to show changes during the Holocene anomaly. Jessica Oster, Vanderbilt University Once upon a time, Californians would have no excuse to complain about a drought. Some 8,200 years ago, the area was wet and stormy for a stretch of about 150 years. The uncharacteristically rainy period accompanied a climate anomaly which took place at the same time, first discovered in Greenland ice cores in 1997. The “8.2 ka” event took place during the Holocene (aka the last 11,000 years or so) which was once thought to be a pretty uneventful time, climate-
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Researchers Say We Have Three Years To Act On Climate Change Before It's Too Late

A comment article in the journal Nature says we have to act fast if we hope for a painless transition to a low-carbon society. Pexel If you want to lose 10 pounds by a certain date there are, broadly speaking, two ways of going about it. You could take it slow and steady, cutting down slightly on your daily caloric intake to achieve a modest weekly weight loss, making your way to your goal weight over the course of a month or two. Or you could wait until a week or two before your target date and then give up as much food as possible, triple up on the exercise, and hope that you’ll lose weight
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A Third Of Marine Megafauna Died In A Mass Extinction That We Didn’t Even Know About

Something had to go to make room for the turtles. Pixabay Death is a part of life. Things have to die so other things can be born et cetera et cetera circle of life hakuna matata. It’s hard to get that broken up about some giant aquatic sloths that no longer roam the oceans in search of sea grass. We never experienced their majestic front crawl, so we don’t really care how or when they died. Almost all of the species that have ever existed are now extinct—why should swimming sloths be any more important than the rest? Apart from the fact that, come on they’re giant swimming sloths, there’s one
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Convince the skeptics…

The more evidence presented, the more people seem to resist the scientific evidence supporting climate change. Marshall interviews climate change deniers and top psychologists to explain the phenomenon and give you the tools to persuade any skeptics in your life.