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Build Your House Yourself University

Build Your House Yourself University

Build Your House Yourself University

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Wish you knew more about the biggest investment you will most likely ever make? Build Your House Yourself University (byhyu) will teach you to save money and make smart decisions about the construction of the place you and your family will call HOME. We will help you understand residential construction— simplify and demystify the design build process. You’ll come away with successful strategies for building your own house, with or without a general contractor.

Become an educated consumer, even if you prefer to buy, rather than build a new house. Complex construction jargon and best practices will be explained in easy to understand terms. It’s not the typical DIY (do it yourself) show. You will learn how to MANAGE the labor, not DO the labor for your new house.

Join me, Michelle Nelson, host and fellow informal residential construction student. I’ll share the research I find on home design and building as I prepare to build my home. Together, our community of future home builders, will learn the tips, tricks and trends of experienced contractors and industry experts.

I’ll interview owner-builders and construction professionals. During our mini lessons, I’ll inform you about framing, flooring, windows, insulation, kitchen cabinets and countertops…almost anything having to do with new construction homes. You’ll hear about energy efficiency and green building too. There will be product reviews in which you will be introduced to cutting edge, as well as, tried and true products and services. And in keeping with the university theme, episodes will end with short, fun quizzes.

If we do our due diligence BEFORE we start construction, we will actually start construction with the most difficult part of the project behind us. Let’s put in the time, effort, preparation and research BEFORE we break ground and building our homes will be much easier and more enjoyable.

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Moisture Control for Stucco, Manufactured Stone and Stone Veneer Exterior Cladding—BYHYU 232

If you’re considering building a house with exterior cladding made of stucco and/or man...

27 minutos
Jun 09, 2021

Learn from My Construction Challenges—BYHYU 231

This week I’ll tell you about some minor, but frustrating construction challenges that ...

16 minutos
May 26, 2021

Decluttering Gradually, Months Before You Move, Part 2— BYHYU 230

Decluttering gradually, over several months to a year before moving will decrease the o...

17 minutos
May 12, 2021

Decluttering Gradually, Months Before You Move, Part 1— BYHYU 229

Before we move into our new homes, most of us will need to declutter. And if we have th...

16 minutos
Apr 28, 2021

Make Selections For Your New Home Without Analysis Paralysis and Decision Fatigue—BYHYU 228

Heightened emotion and desire to make the best selections for our homes is understandab...

17 minutos
Apr 14, 2021

Who Knew There Was So Much To Consider When Selecting a Toilet?! Part 2— BYHYU 227

This week’s episode is part 2 of a show that I started a couple of weeks ago. If you ha...

18 minutos
Mar 31, 2021

Who Knew There Was So Much To Consider When Selecting a Toilet ?! Part 1— BYHYU 226

I recently selected the plumbing fixtures for my new build and surprisingly, one of my ...

15 minutos
Mar 17, 2021

Why Put a Sauna or Steam Shower in Your House?— BYHYU 225

No matter how large or small your house will be, most of us want our primary bathrooms ...

14 minutos
Mar 03, 2021

Ridiculous Lumber Prices (again), Construction Update and Miscellaneous Building Tips and Tidbits— BYHYU 224

This week I’ll give you an update on my own project and go over some miscellaneous tips...

18 minutos
Feb 17, 2021

Myths and Facts of Septic systems vs City Sewers—BYHYU 223

If you are looking at multiple neighborhoods or lots on which to build your new house, ...

20 minutos
Feb 03, 2021