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Smart People Podcast

Smart People Podcast

Smart People Podcast

385 episódios do podcast


Smart People Podcast is a weekly, interview-based podcast that features todays most well respected thought leaders engaging in authentic, insightful conversation for the benefit of the listener. The host, Chris Stemp, and his co-host/producer Jon Rojas, utilize their insatiable curiosity and relatable charm to provoke their guests into giving the interview of a lifetime. Every single guest has achieved a high level of recognition within their arena and in doing so has collected a wealth of experiences and insights that are brought to life in this top ranked iTunes podcast. Show topics vary greatly, including things such as psychology, leadership, education, technology, entrepreneurship, relationships, and much more.

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Tim Grover - Never Forget, Winning is Everything

Tim Grover is the CEO of ATTACK Athletics, Inc. Tim is known all around the world for h...

60 minutos
Jun 22, 2021

Rebecca Schwarzlose - How Your Brain Interprets Your Reality

Rebecca Schwarzlose is postdoctoral scholar researching brain development in the Depart...

60 minutos
Jun 08, 2021

Guy Perelmuter - The Coming Deep Tech Revolution

Guy Perelmuter is the founder of GRIDS Capital, a deep tech venture capital firm focusi...

78 minutos
May 25, 2021

Scott Miller - How to Brand Yourself for Success

Scott Miller built a 25-year career at the FranklinCovey Company serving in nearly ever...

63 minutos
May 11, 2021

Paul English - Networking and Storytelling are the Keys to Success with Kayak Founder

Paul is the Founder and CTO of Lola.com, the easiest way for businesses to manage their...

55 minutos
Apr 27, 2021

Melissa Bernstein - Billionaire Founder Talks Truth About Entrepreneurship

Melissa Bernstein is the co-founder of Melissa & Doug, the toy company committed to nur...

38 minutos
Apr 16, 2021

Dr. Bruce Greyson - Is There Life After Death

Dr. Bruce Greyson is the Chester Carlson Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurobeha...

61 minutos
Mar 30, 2021

Dr. Shanna Swan - What Your Sperm Says About Your Health

Dr. Shanna Swan is one of the world’s leading environmental and reproductive epidemiolo...

54 minutos
Mar 16, 2021

Charlene Walters - Time to Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur

Charlene Walters is an author, speaker, entrepreneurship/motivation coach, and also dev...

56 minutos
Mar 02, 2021

Suneel Gupta - Why Others Take a Chance on You

Suneel Gupta is the founder of RISE and is on faculty at Harvard University. Suneel's n...

66 minutos
Feb 16, 2021

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