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Carnegie Council Audio Podcast

Carnegie Council Audio Podcast

Carnegie Council Audio Podcast

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Listen to events at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. Speakers and interviewees include distinguished authors, government and UN officials, economists, and policymakers. Topics range from the ethics of war and peace, to religion in politics, to issues at the forefront of global social justice. To learn more, visit our website at http://www.carnegiecouncil.org.

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Illiberal Democracy on the Rise: Examining Brazil, Hungary, & India

The post-World War II liberal order faces unprecedented upheaval as countries and their...

88 minutos
Jun 09, 2021

The Doorstep: Press Freedom & Foreign Policy Panel, with Stephen J. Adler & Carlos Martínez de la Serna

Advocating for press freedom around the globe has long been a cornerstone of U.S. forei...

41 minutos
Jun 04, 2021

Creative Reflections on the History & Role of AI Ethics, with Wendell Wallach

How is the new global digital economy taking form? What are the trade-offs? Who are the...

90 minutos
May 26, 2021

The Doorstep: Analyzing Biden's New Approach to Sanctions, with CNAS's Rachel Ziemba

Sanctions are becoming an increasingly important part of the Biden administration's for...

42 minutos
May 21, 2021

Gender Parity in Diplomacy: Solutions from Around the World, with Susan Sloan

Susan Sloan is the author of "A Seat at the Table: Women, Diplomacy, and Lessons for th...

58 minutos
May 13, 2021

Global Ethics Review: Ending the Afghanistan War, with Jonathan Cristol

Jonathan Cristol, author of "The United States and the Taliban before and after 9/11," ...

48 minutos
May 11, 2021

The Doorstep: What Does Biden's "Omnipolicy" Mean for the U.S.? with Politico's Nahal Toosi

Nahal Toosi, foreign policy and national security writer at Politico, returns to speak ...

32 minutos
May 07, 2021

Global Ethics Review: The Model International Mobility Convention 2.0, with Michael Doyle

How can we make migration more ethical? Columbia University's Professor Michael Doyle, ...

34 minutos
Apr 27, 2021

The Doorstep: Sustainability vs. Food Security in Our Oceans, with Duke University's Martin Smith

Dr. Martin Smith from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment joins Doorst...

39 minutos
Apr 23, 2021

The Societal Limits of AI Ethics

In recent years, the discussion on "AI ethics" has succeeded in mainstreaming key princ...

85 minutos
Apr 21, 2021