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Business of Architecture Podcast

Business of Architecture Podcast

Business of Architecture Podcast

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Discover strategies, tips and secrets for running a fun, flexible and profitable architecture practice. The focus here is simple: discussion of ways for architects to create a dream architecture practice: design what you want, when you want, and get paid well for it.

Episódios1 - 10 de 417 episódios


371: Technology as a Competitive Advantage with Boris Rapoport

This week, I'm speaking with architecture firm IT Specialist, Boris Rapoport. Boris has...

37 minutos
Jun 16, 2021

370: Looking Over the Horizon with Griff Davenport

This week, I'm speaking with Griff Davenport, FAIA, who is the DLR Group's Chief Execut...

67 minutos
Jun 08, 2021

369: Hospitality Beyond the Aesthetic with Arnaud Zannier

This week, I am speaking with Arnaud Zannier, Founder of Zannier Hotel Group. This is a...

65 minutos
May 31, 2021

368: Designing an Architecture Practice with Anthony Laney

This week, we're speaking with Anthony Laney, an architect, designer, Co-Founder, and P...

53 minutos
May 25, 2021

367: Happitecture - Building a Thriving Practice and Community with Michelle Fenton

Today, I'm speaking with Michelle Fenton who runs Khora Architecture, a firm based in V...

34 minutos
May 18, 2021

366: Elevating the Client Experience with Peter Twohy

Architect Peter Twohy runs residential architecture practice in Baltimore, Maryland. Ov...

45 minutos
May 11, 2021

365: Connecting the Architecture Community with Paul Petrunia

Today, I have the honor to speak with Paul Petrunia, founder of Archinect. Launched in ...

42 minutos
May 04, 2021

Bonus: 5 Firm Owner Case Studies

This is a Business of Architecture Bonus Episode. Hello, and welcome back architect Nat...

28 minutos
Apr 27, 2021

364: Shining a Light on Business Systems with Paul Nulty

Today we speak with architectural lighting designer and founder of Nulty, Paul Nulty. N...

72 minutos
Apr 27, 2021

363: Industrial Design for the Built Environment with Billings Jackson Design

Today we have not one, not two but three directors of Billings Jackson Design, an indus...

83 minutos
Apr 20, 2021