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New World Witchery - The Search for American Traditional Witchcraft

New World Witchery - The Search for American Traditional Witchcraft

New World Witchery - The Search for American Traditional Witchcraft

186 episódios do podcast


A show about magic and witchcraft in North America

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Episode 191 – So Much Divination

Laine and Cory sit down to chat about ogham, familiars, and tarot for the Green Witchcr...

92 minutos
Jun 14, 2021

Episode 190 – American Brujeria with J Allen Cross

We sit down to chat with J. Allen Cross, author of the new book American Brujeria. We d...

57 minutos
May 24, 2021

Episode 189 – Of Correspondences and Collections

We dig into the herbs and crystals section of our book club, which leads to a bigger co...

76 minutos
May 14, 2021

Episode 188 – Sorcellerie with Erik and Morrigane

Our guests Erik and Morrigane share their experiences with French Canadian sorcellerie ...

63 minutos
Apr 30, 2021

Episode 187 – Ritual Feasts and Fasts

We look at the dark side of magic for our book club, then discuss ritual feasting, fast...

83 minutos
Apr 22, 2021

Episode 186 – Folked Up Witchcraft with Via Hedera

We welcome back friend and folklorist witch Via Hedera. We talk about finding folklore ...

68 minutos
Apr 12, 2021

Special Episode – Witch Crafts – Bottle Spells

We kick off a new practical magical experiments series by looking at a variety of bottl...

33 minutos
Mar 30, 2021

Episode 185 – Ozark Folk Magic with Brandon Weston

This time we have an interview with author, researcher, and practitioner Brandon Weston...

75 minutos
Mar 26, 2021

Episode 184 – Spirits, Sabbats, and Esbats

Summary: We use our book club to talk about gods, goddesses, and elementals. Then we di...

83 minutos
Mar 12, 2021

Episode 183 – Rules of Magic

Summary: We break into our first book club of 2021, then discuss our own personal “rule...

88 minutos
Feb 12, 2021