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The Lucid Dreaming Podcast

The Lucid Dreaming Podcast

The Lucid Dreaming Podcast

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Lucid Dreaming

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Episode 30 – Dr. Denholm Aspy

In this episode i speak with Dr. Denholm Aspy, a scientist studying lucid dreaming at t...

58 minutos
May 21, 2018

Episode 29 – Jayne Gackenbach

In this episode I interview Jayne Gackenbach who is a researcher and author of several ...

37 minutos
Nov 28, 2016

Episode 28 – Craig Weiss – Aladdin Dreamer

In this episode I discuss the recent lucid dreaming device showing up on crowdfunding c...

68 minutos
Oct 30, 2016

Episode 27 – Daniel Love

In this episode I talk to Daniel Love, a life long lucid dreamer and lucid dreaming res...

64 minutos
Jun 15, 2016

Episode 26 – Mike Lamberti

In this episode I talk to Mike Lamberti, an avid lucid dreamer, an internet friend, and...

61 minutos
Feb 06, 2016

Episode 25 – Dream Researcher Kelly Bulkeley

In this episode I interview Kelly Bulkeley, a dream researcher, author, and creator of ...

66 minutos
Jan 29, 2016

Episode 24 – Philosopher Evan Thompson

In this episode I interview philosopher Evan Thompson, who is a Professor of Philosophy...

63 minutos
Jan 10, 2016

Episode 23 – Dr. Kristen LaMarca

In this episode I interview Dr. Kristen LaMarca, an associate at the Lucidity Institute...

61 minutos
Dec 27, 2015

Episode 22 – Sleepless in Los Angeles

In this episode I confess to my deteriorating sleep quality and it’s cascading affect o...

28 minutos
Oct 01, 2015

Episode 21 – Prerequisite for a Dream

In this mishmash of an episode I give some updates on my latest adventures, look at the...

48 minutos
Jun 15, 2015