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CoasterRadio.com: The Original Theme Park Podcast

CoasterRadio.com: The Original Theme Park Podcast

CoasterRadio.com: The Original Theme Park Podcast

613 episódios do podcast


The podcast dedicated to roller coasters, theme parks and thrill rides.

Episódios1 - 10 de 613 episódios


CoasterRadio.com #1531 - CoasterRadio Meets Civil Gore

EB is joined by Brian and Tim from "The Civil Gore" Podcast! They give their takes on a...

61 minutos
Jun 10, 2021

CoasterRadio.com #1530 - Going Back Home

This week, Mike and EB tell the stories of the return to their home parks after a long ...

63 minutos
Jun 04, 2021

CoasterRadio.com #1529 - I've got a FEVER!

Parks across the country are starting to open... and their opening days are having mixe...

63 minutos
May 21, 2021

CoasterRadio.com #1528 - We Owe You Some Answers

We did a fun Listener Questions show a few months ago, but didn't get to answer all of ...

64 minutos
May 14, 2021

CoasterRadio.com #1527 - The Password is... "Formidable"

The guys use this episode to catch up on the latest news, including Gerstlauer's new ro...

60 minutos
May 07, 2021

CoasterRadio.com #1526 - VelociCoaster Reviewed and Disneyland Reopens

This week, we start off with a live call from Islands of Adventure, where one of our li...

65 minutos
Apr 29, 2021

CoasterRadio.com #1525 - Summer 2021 Know-It-Alls

The 2021 Summer Season is just about ready to begin.  But how much do you REALLY know a...

70 minutos
Apr 23, 2021

CoasterRadio.com #1524 - The Story of Kings Island

We're joined by the author of a new book about the history behind one of America's most...

53 minutos
Apr 16, 2021

CoasterRadio.com #1523 - More News Than We Can Handle

There are some weeks where we really have to work hard to find news stories to discuss....

67 minutos
Apr 09, 2021

CoasterRadio.com #1522 - The Best Attraction Special Effects

The Disney Podcast Guys are at it again! This week, we break down one of the biggest st...

61 minutos
Apr 01, 2021