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103: The Slippery Slope of Wellness Culture: Dr. Colleen Reichmann tells her personal story and discusses how wellness and nutrition can be tricky topics

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Pursuing health and well-being is completely natural and understandable. It can be incredibly positive and life-enhancing. The trouble is, though, that true wellness has been reduced down to lists of foods to eat and foods to avoid, packaged up and commodified and sold back to us by the dieting industry. What can start out as a completely earnest and well-intentioned pursuit of health, can turn into problematic and disordered eating, all thanks to the many messages about health we're wading through all day every day. And, ironically, sometimes our pursuit of health can actually lead to poorer health outcomes, not better. This is especially true and especially tricky in our diet and thin-obsessed culture. Colleen Reichmann, PhD and Paige chat about the slippery slope of wellness culture. They discuss how our earnest attempts at wanting to feel good and take great care of ourselves can turn into more than that, and in the worst cases, full blown eating disorders. Listen in to learn how to be a critical consumer of wellness and health advice and how to stay grounded and truly well in the process. Links mentioned: Colleen's website: Dr. Reichmann's recent article about The Slippery Slope of Wellness Culture Follow Dr. Colleen Reichmann on Instagram  Harvard study on happiness Leave a review for the podcast here Paige's online course Join the Nutrition Matters Podcast Community on FB  

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