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160: Fat to Fit Part 3 - Fitness: The 3 Pillars of Fitness for Fat Loss

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Okay folks, today is the final episode of the Fat to Fit series before our wrap-up Q&A episode.
Before you dive into today's episode, please check out parts 1 and 2:
Fat to Fit Part 1 - Nutrition
Fat to Fit Part 2 - Mindset
Today we're looking at fitness for fat loss & 3 pillars of efficient, effective fat loss workouts. I also talk about who SHOULD be incorporating fitness into their fat loss efforts and who shouldn't. Yup, there are certain people who I don't think should be adding fitness into their routine.
I've also put together a series of workouts you can do at home with little (or no) equipment as well as some inexpensive basics you can have at home to make dozens of workouts possible! You can get them for FREE by clicking below.
Fat to Fit Part 3: Fitness
In today's episode I'm breaking down the 4 primary mistakes I see people making when it comes to the way they approach fitness for fat loss. I go into detail with my thoughts on:

guilt & doubt
pre & post workout nutrition
overeating after workouts
not providing enough stimulus
thinking that "more is more" with exercise (it's not)

Then we start having a lot of fun. I share what I feel are the 3 pillars of fitness for fat loss and explain how to combine them for maximum fat loss. These 3 pillars are:

maximum muscle recruitment

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