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32 | Young Charlie: Coming Down Fast

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Susan Atkins horrified the Grand Jury on December 5, 1969 with her vivid, gruesome story of the Tate, LaBianca and Hinman murders. Other witnesses, including fellow Manson Family member Linda Kasabian, backed up and added to Atkins’ disturbing testimony.Charlie now knows for certain that the Beatles with their White Album lyrics are speaking to him directly and guiding his next moves. One thing leads to another – then on Friday night, August 8, 1969, Charlie tells his right hand man, Tex Watson, to take three of the women and head into L.A. Their assignment – “do something witchy.”Do you love Young Charlie? Check out Hollywood & Crime and subscribe here: you to our sponsors:Zip Recruiter - Learn how to hire smarter and try it for free when you visit them here: Get 20% off your first purchase of socks when you visit them here: Get 20% off and free shipping on your first order when you visit them Fit Fun: Get $10 your first box when you use code LACRIME at:www.fabfitfun.comWe'd like to hear from you. Find us on Twitter @HollywoodNCrime or or give us a call at 424-224-5711 and please complete a quick survey at

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