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Sept. 13, 2008 Hour 1: Alan Watt on "The Information Corner Broadcast" with Sam and Trish (Originally Aired Sept. 13, 2008 on Dixie Broadcasting)

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Britain, Poverty, Renting, Fixed Wages and Prices - Reference Libraries, History - Schooling - Governance, World of Specialists.
Culture Creation Industry - Marx, Lenin, Generational Separation - CIA - Feminism, Arts, Music - Bertrand Russell, Experimental Schools.
British DOD - Mass Movements of Populations, 100 Years War - Club of Rome, Global Warming - Al-Qaeda.
United States - Federation of the World (Run by 12 Wise Men) - EU Flag - Masonic Obelisks along U.S.-Canada Border - Franklin and Washington - Constitutional Convention.
League of Nations, WWII - N. American Future Society, Chaos - Bureaucratic Nomads.
Jesus, Standing Up to Money and Priesthoods. Psychological Warfare, New Age Agenda.
Empire Building - Nimrod, Money, Artificial Structure of City, Standing Armies - Wars, Takeovers, Standardization, Centralization.
Breeding for Positions - Armand Hammer - Politicians, Global Agenda - World Citizenship - Leaders - Common Values, Eternal Truths.
United Nations, Building Codes, Fines - Elimination of Private Property and Transportation - Travel Restrictions - Earth Charter, Animal Rights, Taxation.
Indoctrination of Young - Federal Funding - Police - International Associations - Bureaucracies - Rome, Entertainment, Sports, Circus.

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