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From Our Home Correspondent 24/03/2019: Glasgow knife crime, parental leave, Irish sport, Antrim's dark hedges, unusual builders.

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Mishal Husain presents the monthly collection of journalistic pieces reflecting life across the UK today. John Forsyth in Glasgow learns about the realities of rehabilitating convicted knife criminals on a visit to the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit which many experts regard as a model for other UK cities - notably London - to emulate in the fight against the explosion in incidents of violent street crime. Gabriel Gatehouse, recently on shared parental leave, attempts to understand the world through the eyes of his seven month-old daughter and ponders how this may affect his daily work as a correspondent. The BBC's Ireland Correspondent, Chris Page, considers Irish unity on the sporting field plus the contests with Britain - and especially England - and their likely implications politically and culturally on both sides of the border. Jordan Dunbar takes us to Co. Antrim's dark hedges as the final season of "Game of Thrones" is set to hit television screens worldwide and he reflects on the impact of the HBO series, many scenes of which have been shot in Northern Ireland, economically and socially. And Stephanie Power on Merseyside, a self-described "Catholic atheist", confronts her preconceptions and prejudices about evangelical builders as the major refurbishment of her south Liverpool home proceeds - and has a moment of revelation as she wonders why the firm doing the work is called JCIL.

Producer: Simon Coates

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