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Amali Week 1 ELE 3104


Observe, give feedback and discuss teaching sessions based on videos and lesson plan samples. Reflect on strength and weaknesses. Discuss ways of improving teaching.

Teacher have a clear voice and pronunciations The activities that teacher use in the class is interesting and student centered. - for example group activities is very interesting and involve all the pupils. The lesson was arranged clearly and suitable for the topic. Teacher use authentic materials as ABM.

Teacher post the question from easy to hard/difficult. - Teacher post a question to the pupils at beginning is simple but when they have group activities teacher post a difficult question/HOTS questions to the pupils.

The picture card is too small and difficult to see. - teacher can use the LCD or power point presentation that pupils can see it clearly. A lot of example that teacher use is no suitable for pupils understanding. - teacher should give simple example for her students levels.

The worksheet should be simple and easy to understand. The activities that teacher use to classify the materials according to the dustbin is interesting but the space in the board is to small and crowded. Teacher should list a little example and find other ways to paste the word card in the board. The class surrounding is not comfortable and small.