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Pre specialization Educational Technology 2012

Students name: Marcella Martinez Christian Magaa

Is a web based audio tool that enables users to record their speaking for others to listen and respond to. It allows teachers and students to build up threaded audio discussions online similar to those on a text based bulletin board. Used by educators all over the world, VOXOPOP talk groups are: Fun Engaging

In order to help students develop their speaking skills.

What type of technological application are we talking about?

VOXOPOP is a technological application that allows both teachers and students to interact for real communicative speaking and have a listening practice.
VOXOPOP benefits are: Language learning Conversation practice Collaboration projects Oral presentations

Moreover, VOXOPOP Talkgroups can be Public, Restricted or entirely Private.

IIs it free?

Membership to VOXOPOP is free and easy. Anyone can explore and listen to public discussions, but only signed up users can start or join talkgroups, or join in on discussions. You'll also get access to other features, like being able to add discussions to a watchlist, and being notified by when others contribute.

Where can we find this resource?

You can access to this internet tool by typing the following address:

What does exactly do?

VOXOPOP is essentially a message board/forum system that uses voice instead of text.

Once you join this website you are able to create an online community forum which are called talkgroups which are used to discuss different topics using their real voices.

How this resource is useful in an EFL classroom?

For teachers
Discussion points

For students
Listening Practice

Narrative building
Dictations Pronunciation drills True False statements Assess pronunciation

outside the classroom.

Improve their speaking skills. Communicative speaking outside the classroom.


How does it work?

1. First, you need to register with using a valid e mail address. 2. Then, you create your own profile.

3. Next, you can access to the explore link and search an specific talkgroup you would like to join in.

4. Next, choose one of the topics that you would like to learn and contribute with. 5. Then, you can explore the discussion thread and skim around all the submissions that have been put it on the interface. 6. Now, get involve in the voicethread by recording your own voice message. 7. If you are satisfy with your message you can submitted but if you dont you can delete it and re- do it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this resource?

Is a free technological resource for teacher and students.
Easy to use and get involve in a voice thread community. Improve your communicative and listening skill.

You need to have an updated flash player plugin, otherwise It wont work.
Dont have access to a computer equipment. Technical failures of the pc. Too long conversations.

Thank you for your attention!