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Good Knight

Casting A Wide Net

For the generations in 90s and 80s words Good Knight meant only 1 thing : A thin flat mat It was used with EMDs to repel mosquitoes. Good Knight is still synonymous with mats as they were the 1st one to introduce mat concept in era of coils, creams and nets.

The brand debuted in 1984 and things have changed since then.
Mats Annual Sales (In Crores) % Share in brand turnover 58 24.5 Coils 104 43.9 Vaporizers 74 31.2

The brand also has a marginal presence in mosquito lotions.

Mats have ceased being Good Knights single largest revenue source. Mat as a category is in a state of decline. But Good Knight has managed to increase its revenue with a speed from Coils to offset slow-down in mat sales.

Coil Market : Rs. 525 Crores

Good Knight Market Share 20% Mortien 34% Maxo 21%

Vaporizers Market : 24% of Rs. 1064-Crores household insecticide market.

Good Knight Market Share 26% All Out 60%

Good Knight is the only mosquito repellent brand in country that has presence across almost all the categories of market.
Coils Vaporizers Mats Lotions :: :: :: :: 50% of Entire Market 24% 8.5% 1.3%

Good Knight doesnt have presence in Aerosols. Where Hit has approximately 65% market share. It is this strategy that has helped Good Knight retain leadership in an increasingly competitive and evolving market.

Mosquito repellent market

Good Knight 22% Mortein 21% All Out 19%

The reason for this is that Good Knight is present across all categories of mosquito repellent. All Out is dependent on vaporizers and Mortein is dependent on coils.

Due to decline in mat market Good Knight entered into vaporizers in 1995. Decline in mat market was due to coils from Mortein and vaporizers from All Out. Another thing Good Knight was relaunch of its mat (as Good knight Supermat and Good knight silver mat subsequently in year 2003).

Good Knights entry into vaporizers had a greater significance. It launched Good Knight Turbo in March 2004 and then Good Knight Turbo Timer in November 2004. Ads showed the technology aspect of the product. This had an impact on All Outs market share which fell from 63% to 60%.

Relaunch of silver mat helped Good Knight against the mat market decline. It also helped Good Knight increase its market share from 54% to 60% within a year of its relaunch.

Good Knights biggest achievement was entry into coil market. It was into electronic repellent segment so entering this category was a tedious task. It could have degraded its image. But it was very well done as the brand introduced 10 hour burn time coils. Value was added. Colour was red which connoted power. This created a sub-category of red coils Mortein lost its footing in the market and other players also entered red coil market.

Sales have been kept buoyant by innovations and the value adds. Good Knight has various offerings across different categories. Godrej Sara Lee of which Good Knight is the part has regularly kept the buzz going around the brand. % share of diff. products in GSL turnover
Coil 27 Vaporizers 19 Mat 15 EMD & LMD 4

Success mantra for Good Knight is that they have been able to position themselves as complete mosquito repellent solution that is total protection.

Presented By:
Tamanna Raju Tarun Sharma