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Marketing strategy for GreatWhite Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

Submitted by: Ankur Gupta 11BSPHH011137

Industry Structure

Market size is growing at 16% y-o-y and is pegged at Rs2400 cr. Government spending on infrastructure and power generation is increasing. Long term average annual growth rate is 6.7 percent. Recorded strong growth of 11.25% in FY10, on the back of economic recovery. Growth in Cables and switchgear was more than 30%. Govtt. schemes like Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojna(RGGVY) and Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme (APDRP) supported growth. Demand is forecasted at 7.4 US $ bn for cables & 4.4 US $ bn for switchgears in FY17. Power, Infrastructure, Telecommunication and Real estate are demand drivers.

Company Analysis

Sister concern of Anchor Group. Started in march 2011. Management has 50 years of expertise in the same industry. Being an SME this company manufactures Switches and cables. Manufacture 3 Brands of switches Fiana, Petra, Tivoli. Major competitor is Anchor and Havells. Product strength is Quality ad widespread availability. Start up firm so sales is main criteria. Targeting Dealers, implementers and end users at same time. Belief in maintaining consumer and dealer relationship.

On-Site Project

Brand Promotion & Awareness. Development of Business Model. Marketing Research to find project buying behavior and probable market place for GreatWhite products.

Brand Promotion & Awareness

Giving Cold calls, Getting appointment fixed to Builders and developers , Architects, Govt. Contractors, Govt. organizations. Designing Billboards & Sample Boards. Distributed Sample boards and Product catalogues, diaries and sample kits. Implementing Billboards at place of attraction around city. Promoting company as a whole not just the Brand. Made the Place of Brand inside Delhi University and Delhi Development Authority. Result: Filed a quotation in first month. Got an order of Rs 4 lacks.

Design of billboards & Sample Board

Direct 2 Business Model

Efficiently targeting Probable customer and Building Long lasting Relationship. Better promotion and driving sales growth rate at a much faster pace. Direct dealing between Company and the Builders. Hassle free and timely delivery of products, which were directly delivered at customer doorsteps. Huge discounts based on order size were availed by Builders. No mediocre thus ensuring long term relationship between two. Proper stock will be maintained. Good quality products at reduced costs thus rise in earnings. Proper demand forecasting could be done by company. Rise in revenue for both the sides.

Market Research to find Project Buying Behavior & Probable marketplace for GreatWhite Products.
Variables got from interviews and formal discussions are 1.Discount Rates offered 2. Aesthetics 3.Past Relationship with dealers 4.Availability 5.Advertisements. Sample size 30. Using SAS analysis two factors are: Factor1 will include Discount, Aesthetic, Past Relation = Marketing strategy of dealer Factor2 will include Advertisement and Availability = Media promotions and Supply Chain strategy of Company. Thus we can say through efficiently targeting end user there is a good market place for GreatWhite Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

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