22nd & 23rd Jan, 2011 Hyderabad

DELHI- Regional Office

INTRODUCTION Delhi Region has following branches under it: 1. 8. UP 9. 11. 5. Indore. Haryana Ludhiana. MP Chhattisgarh . 7. Punjab Jaipur. UP Gurgaon. 4. West Delhi Noida. 10. Delhi Regional Office Janakpuri. 2. Rajasthan Lucknow. MP Bhopal. 6. Haryana Hisar. 3.

2010 Delhi Branch was started on 2nd March. 2010 and with 27 employees including Gyan Sir & Samir Sir. .OUR GROWTH SINCE MAR.

  In September. Indore Branch was inaugurated. 4 New branches started their operations. So in October. After the success what we achieved. And in Dec’10 Chhattisgarh & Bhopal branch also came into existence.  Gradually. Ludhiana & Lucknow.  .West Delhi(Janakpuri). gave us the encouragement to expand further thereby opening more branches. Noida. Hisar.Jaipur. we started our journey of growth………… And 3 New branches were opened in May’10. Gurgaon.


OPPORTUNITIES & THREATS Standard Norms across the Industry Only a few will survive Major Opportunities NCPR data availability Alternative product (Bulk E-mail) .

b) Some of them will wait for others to use and check their responses. The total customer segment would be divided into 3 sections: a) Clients who will purchase immediately irrespective of the regulation(which is good for us). It may some time for them to re-use SMS Marketing(Future opportunity).  . c) Some of them may stop using Bulk SMS Permanently(Threat).OPPORTUNITIES & THREATS New TRAI Regulation may have an impact on the market severely.

.OPP0RTUNITIES & THREATS Demotivation Amongst Sales team Effect on sales initially Time Consuming process Negative word of mouth Threats Unavailability of Live & Categorized database No Alphabetic Sender ID 6 Complaints No Transaction al SMS except few categories.

STRENGTHS Visionary CEO Good Brand Image Excellent Support & capable backhand Exquisite Management Large & Experienced Sales Force Physical presence in all potential Areas .

Inter Branch competition Immediate Implementation of New Rules-Demotivating team Transparency Support .WEAKNESSES Out-sourcing of products reducing revenue & clients No rewards/Recognitions/Incentives/Perks Lack of Prior information about the issues/changes Lack on communication amongst branches.

DRIVING FORCE Sales Force Physical Presence (Closer to client) Best Services & Support .


Faster Support system Prior Information To Achieve Transparency Broader product range Crores Service Stability (e.g. website excel) Work with Our full Strength (As earlier) Own E-mail Service 5 NO Resellers .

 A dedicated mail Id like for salesperson queries.OTHER SUGGESTIONS A dedicated Inbound call center for customer/Salesperson queries.  .com for customer queries/information.  A dedicated mail ID like info@160by2.



. when Delhi Team achieved a landmark of achieving 51+ Lac Sales in a month. then “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING” Now. This was a combined effort of each & every member of the team and demonstrated that if we unite & motivate ourselves. it’s time that All the Branches across India & Abroad should follow the same path and BE UNITED to achieve the Impossible. 2010 was a historic month in the history of SMSCountry.OUR ACHIEVEMENT OF ALL TIME    December.

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