22nd & 23rd Jan, 2011 Hyderabad

DELHI- Regional Office

6. 10. Punjab Jaipur. UP 9. MP Bhopal. Rajasthan Lucknow. West Delhi Noida. Haryana Hisar. Haryana Ludhiana. 7. 8.INTRODUCTION Delhi Region has following branches under it: 1. 4. 5. MP Chhattisgarh . Indore. 3. 2. 11. UP Gurgaon. Delhi Regional Office Janakpuri.

2010 and with 27 employees including Gyan Sir & Samir Sir. 2010 Delhi Branch was started on 2nd March.OUR GROWTH SINCE MAR. .

Jaipur. Indore Branch was inaugurated.  Gradually. 4 New branches started their operations.  . we started our journey of growth………… And 3 New branches were opened in May’10. Gurgaon.   In September. Ludhiana & Lucknow. And in Dec’10 Chhattisgarh & Bhopal branch also came into existence. Hisar. gave us the encouragement to expand further thereby opening more branches. After the success what we achieved. Noida.West Delhi(Janakpuri). So in October.


OPPORTUNITIES & THREATS Standard Norms across the Industry Only a few will survive Major Opportunities NCPR data availability Alternative product (Bulk E-mail) .

The total customer segment would be divided into 3 sections: a) Clients who will purchase immediately irrespective of the regulation(which is good for us). It may some time for them to re-use SMS Marketing(Future opportunity).OPPORTUNITIES & THREATS New TRAI Regulation may have an impact on the market severely.  . c) Some of them may stop using Bulk SMS Permanently(Threat). b) Some of them will wait for others to use and check their responses.

OPP0RTUNITIES & THREATS Demotivation Amongst Sales team Effect on sales initially Time Consuming process Negative word of mouth Threats Unavailability of Live & Categorized database No Alphabetic Sender ID 6 Complaints No Transaction al SMS except few categories. .

STRENGTHS Visionary CEO Good Brand Image Excellent Support & capable backhand Exquisite Management Large & Experienced Sales Force Physical presence in all potential Areas .

Inter Branch competition Immediate Implementation of New Rules-Demotivating team Transparency Support .WEAKNESSES Out-sourcing of products reducing revenue & clients No rewards/Recognitions/Incentives/Perks Lack of Prior information about the issues/changes Lack on communication amongst branches.

DRIVING FORCE Sales Force Physical Presence (Closer to client) Best Services & Support .


g. website excel) Work with Our full Strength (As earlier) Own E-mail Service 5 NO Resellers .Faster Support system Prior Information To Achieve Transparency Broader product range Crores Service Stability (e.

com for salesperson queries.  A dedicated mail Id like query@160by2.OTHER SUGGESTIONS A dedicated Inbound call center for customer/Salesperson queries.  .  A dedicated mail ID like for customer queries/information.



when Delhi Team achieved a landmark of achieving 51+ Lac Sales in a month. This was a combined effort of each & every member of the team and demonstrated that if we unite & motivate ourselves.OUR ACHIEVEMENT OF ALL TIME    December. 2010 was a historic month in the history of SMSCountry. . it’s time that All the Branches across India & Abroad should follow the same path and BE UNITED to achieve the Impossible. then “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING” Now.