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Mumbai, March 5, 2008

Indian Telecom Network is 5th largest network in the world.
934 million GSM&CDMA Connection in INDIA.

Estimated contribution of nearly 1% to Indias GDP.

The name Vodafone comes from Voice data fone, chosen by the company to "reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones.

Vodafone is a mobile network operator headquartered in Berkshire, England, UK. It is the largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world.

Market value 75 billion. Cont..

It has Operation in 25 Country. Partner networks in 42 Company. Vodafone in INDIA came with acquiring Hutchisonessar limited. Vodafone was launched officially on 21st sep 2007.




Services Postpaid Connection Prepaid Connection World Calling Cards Handy phone Broadband

Prepaid Cell phone connection Prepaid recharge card Top - ups Vodafone Postpaid Calling Cards Vodafone PCO Vodafone Handy phone

Service Section
Tunes & Downloads Entertainment Sports Devotional News & updates Astrology

Vodafone wants to make its service accessible to all. Offers various pricing structure to different customer groups. Monthly price plans are available. Rewards on the usage

Vodafone covers almost 75% of its operational area. Vodafone operates its own stores. It also sells through independent retailers.
Customers are able to see and handle products they are considering buying. People are on hand to ensure customers needs are matched with the right product and to explain the different options available.


Above the line: Advertising on TV, magazines, via internet and on bill boards. Below the line: Special offer promotions. Vodafones stores, its products and all its staff project the brand image. Public relations by its press releases

Fun is incorporated in the work life of employees of Vodafone. Empowerment and career development go simultaneously with all opportunities in Vodafone. It provides a dynamic environment and challenging opportunities to its employees. Awards & Recognition . Moreover it aims to reach the maximum number of people. It includes all the stake holders of Vodafone.

Method and Sequence in Service Creation and Delivery Vodafone provides a wide variety of services in mobile communication and other value added services by adopting an easy-to-use customer friendly approach. All information about its basic and other valued services and various promotional offers can be availed through a unique customer care number 198 which can be dialed from anywhere in India.

Physical evidence:
Physical Evidence is the element which allows the consumer again to make judgments on the organization. The most important physical evidence of for the Vodafone is its existing customer base. Existence of the customer care centers across the country, Vodafone mini stores that are small in size but big in service Vodafone stores; Vodafone outlets are all a part of the physical evidence that facilitate the customer judge the service. Designing the Services cape and providing tangible evidence of service performances.

1.One of the most popular cellular service provider in India 2.One of the largest Telecom operator in the world 3.Only Indian operator, with VSNL, that has an international submarine cable 4.High brand visibility 5.Strong advertising with Zoo Zoo concept 6.Tieup with international sports like Formula One

1.Price competition from BSNL and MTNL 2.Untapped Rural Market

1.Fast expanding cellular market 2.Latest and low cost technology 3.Untapped rural market

1.New entrant's low price offering 2. Saturation point in Basic telephony service 3.Mobile Number Portability 4.Competitors Promotional strategy

Model of Service Quality: Gap Model

Gap 1:Listening Gap

Customers wants Consumer expectations Good network Lower tariffs and call rates Management perception of consumer expectations Good after sales services Management perception Value added services They thought that network is very good Tariff and call rated are costlier than RIM,IDEA etc

Ways to overcome: Gap 1

Market research. Taking retailers feedback. Upgrade the services according to the need of customer.

Gap 2:Service Design & Standard Gap

Management perception
Innovating value added services Affluent Customer care executives.
Management perception of consumer expectations

Service quality spec. Caller tunes services are renewal automatically Not have experts at CCE desk. Smaller spaces at mini stores.

Service quality specifications

Ways to overcome :Gap 2

Managers need to make sure the organization is defining the level of service

Employees should understand the org. objective.

Gap 3: Service Performance Gap

Service quality Service quality spec. specifications Fun is a part of VODAFONE Huge base employees Delivery of specifications Value added services Delivery specification Fun is shown in ads only employees behavior is questionable No. of employees became less in pick hours Dont able to provide all facilities adequately.

Ways to overcome :Gap 3

Employee control

Supervisory system

Team work should be increased

Gap 4 : Communication Gap

We dont found any communication gap Whereas for any improvement
Company should enhance horizontal communication Communication and avoid over promises
Delivery of specifications

External communication