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About pantaloons
As Indias leading retailer, Pantaloon Retail inspires trust

through innovative offerings, quality products and affordable prices that help customers achieve a better quality of life every day. Pantaloons serve customers in 93 cities and 60 rural locations across the country through over 17 million square feet of retail space.

In pantaloons CRM strategy they use a loyalty card its called Payback green card.Throuhg this card the customer getting lots of

facilities. those facilities are:

After purchasing 8000 p/a- 3star member and 3% discount+4 payback point

After purchasing 20000 p/a- 5star member and

5% discount+4 payback point After purchasing 40000p/a-7star member and 7% discount+4 payback point Apart from that those customer who are greencard holder they are

getting extra 5% discount in every fashion Friday.

Pantaloons Gift Vouchers are available in convenient denominations of Rs. 100, 250, 500 & 1000. They are redeemable at all Pantaloons Fresh Fashion stores across India.
Vendor / Client Gifting In-house events & celebrations Gifting to employees

Incentives to Sales Force

Various Consumer Schemes & Promotions