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Amirah Athirah Mohd Alias

What should the teachers do?



Relationship Affective Filter Hypothesis (Krashen)

When Teaching Songs And Poetry In ESL Classroom, Teacher Should Find
- Relate the lesson with past experiences

Interesting suitable with students interest - grab their attention

- Gain new experiences, generate new idea

- Fun and can give students enjoyment

Materials /Activities

Aesthetic values of the materials catchy lyrics, nice music, positive words etc. Topics/themes should be suitable and interesting grab students attention.
Animals, colours, environment, ambitions Politics, war

Conduct a lot of activities (using song lyrics and poetry). For examples:
Finding synonyms and antonyms
Singing/reading aloud Find new vocabulary Word search puzzle

Answering questions orally or in written work

Complete the lyrics/poems

Children can focus on doing something about 10-15 minutes only. Interesting materials and a variety of activities conducted in class may help teachers to keep students integrated with the lessons. Teachers can grab students attention during T&L. Motivate them to learn more find the lesson very interesting and fun.

Teachers should choose materials that enable the students to gain new experiences/relate the lesson with their past experiences.

Ask the students about their opinion (new).

Ask them to share their past experiences with the whole class.
What, when, where, who, why, how?

Happy Birthday to Me by Bruce Lansky Happy birthday to me. I like what I see! Theres plenty of junk food, and the presents are free!
* Ask students - past experience on their birthday

Five Little Ducks

Five little ducks Went out one day Over the hill and far away Mother duck said "Quack, quack, quack, quack." But only four little ducks came back.

* Ask students to predict what had happened to the duck/how was the mothers feeling?

It may help the teachers to create a lively and effective lesson whereby the students can:
build imagination, make prediction relate to their past experiences (schemata) develop cognitive and thinking skills

Teachers can activate interaction with students create an active T&L session.

How and Why?

Singing songs or reading poetry together.

It helps the teachers to create an enjoyable lesson.

Ask students to create their own lyrics, poems.

Teachers will be able to help in students develop their imagination and creativity.
Ask students to perform their works.

Teachers teach them about self appreciation.

Affective Filter Hypothesis (Krashen)

Ability of a teacher to grab students attention and interest is very important.
Krashen (1982) - for optimal learning to occur, the affective filter must be weak. A weak affective filter means that a positive attitude towards learning is present. Teachers must provide a positive atmosphere that is conducive to language learning.

Lo and Li (1998) - songs provide a break from classroom routine, and that learning English through songs develops a non-threatening classroom atmosphere in which the four language skills can be enhanced.