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HP Enterprise Storage
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HP 3PAR Get Thin Guarantee

HP will guarantee a savings of 50% of your total raw capacity when migrating from traditional fat storage to Thin storage on any HP 3PAR Storage System.

HP 3PAR Thin Technologies

Start Thin: New Applications



3PAR Thin Provisioning Software

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Get Thin: Fat-to-Thin Optimization


3PAR Thin Conversion Software



Stay Thin: Space Reclamation


3PAR Thin Persistence Software 3PAR Thin Reclamation Software for Veritas Storage Foundation

Get Thin Guarantee Program Objectives

Minimize Risk Increase Confidence Reduce TCO Thin Conversion Benefits

Reduce risk when undergoing a technology refresh

Provide increased confidence and reduced cost of ownership with HP 3PAR Thin Technologies

Drive market visibility with success of HP 3PAR Thin Conversion

Get Thin Guarantee

Terms and Conditions (slide 1 of 3)

Reduce the capacity required to store your data by 50% or HP will makeup the capacity shortfall with a one-time, free additional disk capacity (additional software and support included). The free disk capacity will be up to the maximum number of drive magazines that can be supported by the node pair(s) installed on the HP 3PAR Storage System. Capacity on legacy storage is calculated based on total raw terabytes and includes all capacity for usable data, full copies, snapshots, RAID and spare capacity.
HP Confidential

Get Thin Guarantee

Terms and Conditions (slide 2 of 3)

Applies only to new HP 3PAR F-Class and T-Class Storage Systems running HP 3PAR InForm Operating System Software version 2.3.1 or higher. Must purchase HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning, Thin Conversion, and Virtual Copy Software as part of the HP 3PAR Storage System purchase. Conversion must occur within 30 days of HP 3PAR Storage System install. Customer migrates data from legacy system to HP 3PAR Storage System using Fast RAID 5 or 6 and at a RAID protection level that requires no greater storage capacity overhead.

HP Confidential

Get Thin Guarantee

Terms and Conditions (slide 3 of 3)

100% of storage capacity must be dedicated to primary storage applications databases, messaging applications and/or virtual server environments. This also includes all associated disk-based copies. Customer must adhere to HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning Best Practices, Thin Conversion Best Practices and configuration rules The customer is responsible for data migration products and services that may be required to migrate data.
HP Confidential

HP 3PAR Get Thin Guarantee Program Process

Initial HP & customer assessment to determine suitability written data at 50% utilization or less discuss best practices for Thin Provisioning & Thin Conversion review terms, conditions and requirements of guarantee
If suitable, Get Thin Guarantee will be provided together with purchase order

Get Thin

HP 3PAR Get Thin Guarantee Program Process (contd)

If a claim is made on the guarantee, the following information must be provided by the customer:

utilization report showing all volumes, spare capacity, sizes and RAID levels for: Traditional storage device, time and date stamped immediately before start of migration HP 3PAR Storage System, time and date stamped immediately after data migration


utilization report required for all hosts connected to: Traditional storage device immediately before start of migration HP 3PAR Storage System date stamped immediately after data migration

All utilization reports are the responsibility of the customer Failure to notify HP on a guarantee claim within 30 days of migration shall relieve HP of any obligation under this guarantee.