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1. FACILITY ships lake

2. INSTRUCTION shiphandling course emergency shiphandling discovering the Q-Max experimenting with pods other courses
3. LOGISTICS hotel meals transport 4. EXPERIENCE pilots and masters


38,000 dwt 43,000 dwt 125,000 dwt 190,000 dwt 255,000 dwt 400,000 dwt 125,000 m3 LNG 266,000 m3 LNG 8,500 TEU 4,400 TEU 275 m TUG : Max 100 t TUG : Max 100 t

Becker Rudder On ballast Fully loaded CPP + Schilling Twin screw 10,000 m2 windage 6,000 m2 windage 2 pods Voith Schneider Z-peller

8500 TEU container ship

266 000 m3 LNG carrier

125 000 m3 LNG carrier with CPP

The tugs are escort tractor tugs meant to follow ships passing through confined waters The escort tug is tethered to the assisted ship for speeds up to 10-11 kn

All tugs are remote-controlled at the pilots orders by a tug master


Current can be clockwise or counter-clockwise

Captains view in the canal

Winter works
Steering in the canal with a tug

68 m bridge

On these pictures the water level is lowered about by 1 m

Open wharf Berth on slope

Solid quaywall

Typical track of a turning circle conducted in deep water and in shallow water

Typical content of the 5-day Pilot & Master Course: Similitude principles on scale models,

Turning of ships and pivot point,

Berthing with or without current, Shallow water and bank effects, Manoeuvring with anchors, Meeting and overtaking in canals.

In addition to the Pilot & Master Courses: Advanced course, for pilots who want to perfect their skills after a few years, Emergency shiphandling, to experiment with escort tugs and with anchors, Experimenting with pods, for experienced pilots, Q-Max course, focused on twin-screw LNG carriers, Specialised courses, with ULCCs, LNG carriers, container ships or FPSOs with waves.
VSP and ASD tugs in Antwerp

master a tandem of giants: experiment with escort tugs experiment with anchors anticipate to minimize risk communicate with tug master

900 ft

Two pods: 2 x 21.5 MW Pod control at bow

around 50% from USA & Canada around 90% pilots:

because pilots need the best shiphandling training available

our fleet: one scale nothing virtual at Port Revel lake: flexibility great instructors hard work in a calm environment the best for pilots

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Thruster action? Escort tugs? Q-Max trials? Squat & interaction?

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Green Shiphandling?

Pivot Point?

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