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Intellectual Property Rights and Emerging Technologies

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), World Trade Organization (WTO) TRIPS Paris Convention for the protection of Industrial Property Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) Budapest Treaty
All Signatory countries need to ensure Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection within their jurisdiction.

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Relevant Indian Laws*

The The The The The

Patents Act, 1970 Copyright Act, 1957 Trademark Act, 1999 Designs Act, 2000 Information Technology Act, 2000


*As amended from time to time and with their supporting rules.

IPRs - An Exclusive, Time Bound, Right Over A Creation

Copyrights Trademarks Patents Designs Trade Secrets Data Geographical Indications Domain Names


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Emerging Technologies

Digitization Electronic distribution The Internet Nanotechnology Bio-technology Move from physical assets to intangible assets

Effect of Emerging Technologies

Innovation Mobile Technology Electronic Storage Devices- iPods, iPhones, Smart Phones Growth of new industries e.g. BPO Efficiency Savings Prolific Publishing Opportunities (specialized websites, blogs, portals) Customer Centric Advertising SMS and Voice Advertising, search engine advertising

Some Familiar Elements that Require Protection

Fabric Designs Garments Accessories Logos Embellishments Traditional Arts CDs, DVDs Music Mechanisms

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IPR and Business

How To Protect Your Brand What Makes A Good Trade Mark What Can A Brand Consist Of Selective Patent Protection How Long Does IP Protection Last How To Protect The Design Of Goods The Difference Between Registered And Unregistered Designs The Benefits Of Registered Design Protection

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A Trademark is a means of identification of goods or services, a symbol which an organisation or person wises the consumer to identify with its goods or services as opposed to that of the competitor Registration of Trademarks is governed by The Trademarks Act, 1999 Protects logos and brand names, and may also apply to a distinctive way of stitching, pattern, trade dress, etc.

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Trademarks and Service Marks

A Stylized Word Invented Word or Logo Letter or Signature Numeral, Brand, Heading, Label Name Written In A Particular Style The Shape Of Goods Trade Dress the 1999 amendment protects shape of goods and combination of colour

A Trademark` May Consist Of One or a Combination of the following:

The Trademark to be registered should not be deceptively similar to an existing mark of another person and not be expressly prohibited under the Act.
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Protection of Logos
The intellectual property rights like logos, names and labels are protected by Trademark Law

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Trademarks and The Internet

Domain Names Importance Of Maintaining Similarity

Global Impact Of Trademarks Domain Name Disputes Claimants Reliance On Trademark Ownership Misdirection Of Search Engines Dilution Of Famous Marks Malafide Use, Parody And Commentary Trademark Infringement And/Or Passing Off (Misrepresentation) In Multiple Jurisdictions

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Duration of a Trademark

The present term of registration of a trademark is ten years, which may be renewed for further periods of ten years on payment of prescribed renewal fees. Failure to use a registered trademark for a continuous period of five years may result in cancellation.


Copyright Subsists In
Artistic Works Original Literary Computer Software

Sound Recordings etc Dramatic Work

Original Literary


Computer Software
Dramatic Work Musical Works Artistic Works Cinematographic Films

Musical Works
Cinematographic Films Photographs

Sound Recordings etc.

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Copyright is an exclusive right granted to the author of an original work for a limited period of time with the right to exploit that right.

Bundle of Rights

Copyright gives the author of a literary, dramatic or musical work, the right to:

Reproduce the work in any material form including the storing of it in any medium by electronic means Issue and Distribute Copies Perform the work or Communicate the work Make Films or Sound Recordings Make Translations and/or Adaptations and all the above rights for such adaptations Publicly Display the Work Transfer any of these rights, either as a bundle or individually to another party

Term of Copyrights

Copyright is granted for:

Literary Works: 60 years from the death of the author (From the calendar year following the year of death) Broadcaster Rights: 25 years from the year following the first broadcast; Photographs and cinematographs, sound recordings, 60 years (From the calendar year following the year of publication) .

Copyright is subject to certain limitations Statutory Licensing

Fair Use Exceptions

Compulsory Licensing

Copyright and Emerging Technologies

Traditionally copyright was introduced to protect printed material The legislature and the courts struggle to keep up as technology changes and new media emerge.

Digitization of Traditional Copyrightable Material

Wall papers Mobile content Music, video, images downloads from the internet Video streaming (MTV overdrive, a
broadband internet video-on-demand service)

Blogs Podcasting Subscription digital music storesitunes and mtvs urge Tivo

Copyrights and Emerging Technologies

Copyright protection for software Patentability of embedded computer programs with technical effect Patent protection for software in the united states Version recordings and remixes (after two years of original sound recording) Peer to peer downloads iTunes, YouTube Rampant plagiarism

Copyright Notice
Copyright 2008 LawQuest. All rights reserved. or 2008 LawQuest. All rights reserved. This copyright notice must be placed in such way as to give reasonable notice of the claim to copyright.


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Designs under the Designs Act

New or original, not previously published or used in any country Relate to features of shape Configuration, pattern or ornamentation applied or applicable to an article Features should appeal to and should be judged solely by the eye Design must appear and should be visible on the finished article, for which it is meant Should not include any Trademark or property mark or artistic works as defined under the Copyright Act, 1957



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Patent Protection

Protects inventions An invention means a new product or process involving an inventive step and capable of industrial application (S. 2(1)(j)) Granted to Innovative, Novel Products and Processes Designers may be able to patent new, inventive and useful devices. Artistic creations cannot be patented and therefore patents are not widely adopted by designers from fashion industry. Inventions by Buck Weimer and CSIRO which control odours and body temperature respectively in garments have been successfully patented in the US


Patented Diamond Setting - USPTO

U.S. Patent Mar 20, 2007 US D538,700 S

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Going Forward
Creativity Is Key To Success In This Industry It Is Essential To Protect And To Enforce Creativity and Ensuing Intellectual Property Rights Necessary To Increase Awareness Of Rights and Penalties for Infringement

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Examples - IPR Violations

Infringement of a trademark, copyright, patent or other right Passing off Unlicensed use of a trademark or copyrighted work Data theft, identity theft and mail fraud Purchasing counterfeit merchandise Software, Book, CD and DVD piracy


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