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Spelling List

Spelling List
Crusade Jerusalem Europe Christians Muslims

Honorable Leadership Religion Military

Groups of 4

10 questions
Use the paper provided to write A B C and D After you read the question hold up A B C or D to show your answer Each groups scores will be tallied

What year did the Crusades begin?

A) 109 AD B) 1178 AD

C) 1096 AD
D) 1097 BC

How many Crusades were there?

A) 12 B) 6 C) 3 D) 8

Richard the Lionheart and Saladin were famous for a specific Crusade. Which was it?
A) Third Crusade B) Second Crusade

C) Eighth Crusade
D) Childrens Crusade

There were three knightly orders involved in the Crusades. What were they called?
A) The Knights Templar, The Christian Knights, The Islamic Knights B) The Teutonic Knights, The Knights Hospitaller, The Knights Templar C) The Teutonic Knights, The German Knights, The Islamic Knights D) The Knights Hospitaller, The Knights Templar, The Christian Knights

Who gave a speech to Christians in Europe in 1095 AD?

A) Saladin B) The Seljuks C) Pope Urban II

D) Richard the Lionheart

Which city is referred to as the Holy Land?

A) Constantinople
B) London C) Rome

D) Jerusalem

In what year did the Islamic armies recapture Jerusalem?

A) 1221 AD

B) 1096 AD
C) 1187 AD D) 1291 AD

The first universities and hospitals were developed in which countries?

A) Christian

B) Australian
C) Islamic D) American

What did the Crusaders wear on the front of their clothes?

A) Lion B) Cross C) Eagle D) Star

Scholars were valued in Islamic civilisations. What did they do?

A) Cooked B) Entertained royalty

C) Studied topics
D) Created artworks

In pairs you are to investigate the following questions. These questions require at least 3-4 sentence responses and for you to think critically and analyse the information. Write the answers to the questions in your workbook. Each of you must write down the answers even though you can work in pairs.

Were the Crusades really fought in the name of religion? (Consider both the Christian and Islamic sides and include any differences) Do you consider the Crusades to have been successful? Why or why not? Why do you think we notice such a difference between the leadership of Richard the Lionheart and Saladin? Provide examples.