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An Attempt To Create A Synthetic Brain

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Vikas Agarwal 11091948 ECE D1

Human brain, the most valuable creation of God.The man is called intelligent because of the brain. But we loss the knowledge of a brain when the body is destroyed after the death. BLUE BRAIN- The name of the worlds first virtual brain. That means a machine that can function as human brain.


Blue Brain Project is an attempt to create a synthetic brain by reverseengineering the mammalian brain down to the molecular level. The aim of the project was founded in May 2005 by the Brain and Mind Institute in Switzerland is to study the brain's architectural and functional principles.

machine that can function as brain It can take decision. It can think. It can response. It can keep things in memory.


upload contents of the natural brain into it To keep the intelligence , knowledge and skill of any person for ever . To remember things without any effort .


uploading is possible by the use of small robots known as the Nanobots. These robots are small enough to travel through out our circulatory system. Traveling into the spine and brain, they will be able to monitor the activity and structure of our central nervous system. They will be able to provide an interface with computer while we still reside in our biological form .


could also carefully scan the structure of our brain, providing a complete readout of the connection. This information, when entered into a computer, could then continue to function as us. Thus the data stored in the entire brain will be uploaded into the computer.


initial goal of the project, completed in December 2006,was the simulation of a rat neocortical column, which can be considered the smallest functional unit of the neocortex. "It is not impossible to build a human brain and we can do it in 10 years," Henry Markram, director of the BMI said in 2009 at the TED conference in Oxford.

cellular rat brain is planned for 2014 with 100 mesocircuits totalling a hundred million cells. Finally a cellular human brain is predicted possible by 2023 equivalent to 1000 rat brains with a total of a hundred billion cells


things without any effort. Using intelligence of a person after the death . Understanding the activities of animals Allowing the deaf to hear via direct nerve stimulation.

We become dependent upon the computer . Others may use technical knowledge against us.