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Bulletin Comparison

By (Mohammad) Zia Khan

The Opening of the Bulletin

The opening of my news bulletin and the opening of the OCR news bulletin are very similar because at the beginning they both establish the station identity and the time. Another feature that is very similar is the jingle because the dialogue said is the same. However, the one main difference in the opening is that in my news bulletin the news presenter introduces herself and this does not happen in the OCR new bulletin. The closures of the news bulletins are however quite different. This is because the news presenter in the OCR bulletin says his name at the end of the bulletin, whereas in my news bulletin the presenter said her name at the beginning. I think that it was better to say the name of the presenter first in my news bulletin because the main target audience for the bulletin are teenagers and so it is important for the presenter to give a more friendly impression. My bulletin also gives another time for the next news bulletin.

Scripting of Bulletin
The scripting of my news bulletin and the language used in it reflects the needs and interests of my target audience who are teenagers. Although, the script I have written still has a high level of formality so that it can appeal to the wider audience. I think that the formality of the OCR bulletin and the formality of my bulletin are on par because the delivery of news has to be formal no matter what age it is trying to appeal to. Both my news bulletin and the OCR news bulletin make use of the inverted triangle because the most important news goes at the top. The 5 Ws are also utilised to make the news stories clear and easy to understand.

The presenter of my news bulletin is a 17 year old, this is due to the fact that my target audience are teenagers so the presenter should also be someone they can relate to. The voice style of my presenter is formal and sounds like a professional news reader. Similarly, the OCR news presenter also sounds very formal but he is obviously older than my news presenter. A big difference between the two news presenters is that the OCR news presenter is male and the news presenter in my news bulletin is female. Although, this doesnt cause a massive difference in the target audience.

Story Choice
The main story in my news bulletin was the story about the horse meat scandal and this is because it held the news value of currency, which means that it is very current news and that it is something new in the news. It was also my top story because it was something that affected a lot of people and I thought that people should know about it. The top news story in the OCR bulletin was a story about the RBS boss waiving his 1 million pay check. I think that this story would come under continuity because it was carried on from when people found out he was going to get paid 1 million. A lot of people were angered by this and this story caused a real stir. Overall, I think that the top story has to be something that causes a big impact on the audience because otherwise people will not listen to the news bulletin.

The length/pace of the Bulletin

The length of my bulletin had to be 5 minutes or over and so the bulletin lasts for 5 minutes 28 seconds. This is probably longer than the average radio news bulletin because the OCR news bulletin lasts for about 2 minutes 14 seconds. I think that the OCR bulletin is shorter because they do not want to bore the viewer and it is just supposed to be a short update so I think that in this respect my news bulletin lacks the length property of a real bulletin. The pace of the presenter and my news bulletin is good because it goes at a steady pace so that all ages can understand the news. The OCR bulletin also goes at a steady pace so I think that my bulletin has managed to achieve a good pace.

Number of Stories
My news bulletin contains 3 news stories, these are a hard news story, a soft news story and an Off the wall news story. Two of the news stories were hard news stories and there are also two soft news stories, while the other two stories are a sports story and an off the wall story. The OCR news bulletin has many more news stories than my bulletin has but my bulletin covers the stories in a very in-depth way. The only other type of news story that my news bulletin did not contain was a sports story and it probably would have been better if there was a sports story included because the target audience are teenagers and a lot of teenagers enjoy sports. However, I still think that my news bulletin has a good range of different stories.

The content of the bulletin

The content of a news bulletin is very important because without any interviews or vox pops the news bulletin would not have any solid evidence to back the stories up. My news bulletin contains two interviews and 2 vox pops. I think that it is very important to get the opinion of an expert or even the public because this allows the audiences to make up their mind on their own opinion. The OCR news bulletin contains two interviews. One of them is with the Ryanair owner and the other is with a member of the public that went through a tragedy. I dont think that the interview with the Ryanair owner was very informative because it didnt really talk much about the main topic but the interview with the member of the public really added depth to the story and would really make the public have their own opinion on the topic. I think that in this property my news bulletin prevailed against the OCR bulletin because the interviews and vox pops in my news bulletin were really informative and added depth to the story.

Production Values
The OCR news bulletin was obviously very professionally put together and edited. The sound quality was very good, although there was not a large use of sound effects such as a sound bed in the background. I think that they dont use a sound bed in the background because they arent trying to target teenagers with their news bulletin. However, my news bulletin does contain a sound bed because I have taken inspiration from the likes of Capital fm and BBC Radio 1 who do target teenagers. I also think that my news bulletin has been put together professionally and that it has also been edited professionally and this is very important because it has to sound genuine. I think that overall my news bulletin has good production values.