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Principles Of Management

Managerial Function of HR





1. Requirement

Selecting Internal External

1. Induction 2. Training 3. Placement

What are the qualities and skills you see which selecting a manager ?

Work Experience


Work Stability

Different types of Knowledge

Stable in any Environment

Internal/External Environment effecting organization

Major effecting factor in the organization is lack of

communication as internal environment As external factor : 1. Delay in supplying raw material 2. Technology change rapidly and customer demand 3. Government policy

Role of management
Top management

Middle management
Bottom management

Corporate planning
Functional planning Strategic planning Tactical planning. Formal and informal planning

The various barriers faced by a manager in ABC BEARINGS LTD in terms of effective planning.
Time management
Cost Risk

The various techniques of forecasting done in ABC BEARINGS LTD

Latest concept- Latest technology
Not considering past factor Independent factor

New projects
Slewing Bearings Major Customer Segments : Wind Mills, Steel Rolling,

Heavy Material handling equipment, Marine Applications etc. Our target customers Wind Energy. Uttrakhand Projects Primary goal to support Ashok Leylands UTK Plant. We would get major SOB in AL and Axles India. Other OEs : TML Ace, M&M Champion, M&M Tractors. The UTK plant will supply to Tractor OEs across India. SPDs and Aftermarket will be catered to from UTK.

Quality Policy
Environment Policy Safety Policy

Quality Policy

Environment Policy

Safety Policy
Personal Protective Equipments Survey/Audit

Safety of Visitors

Organization Charts

Real task is Designing of organazation structure is

the identification of activities and to group them properly.

It is the grouping activities. Depend on their skill.

Importance of Departmentation
Advantage of specialization Fixation of responsibility

Facility in appraisal
Development of managers Feeling of autonomy

Organization Task Force

Task force is made up of a group of people with

different background and assigned a specific task or mission.

A team is a group of people in the organ continue for

completing task.

Reason for use of task force

Task force provide unseal training groaned for the

executives who are assigned work. They are work In different environment job requirement. Task force is abele to release the creative energies not channeled by the regular system of hierarchical authority and communication. It is temporary measurement for solving unsual problem.

The Staffing Process

Interviewing Hiring/Firing

Manpower requirements
Recruitment Selection

Training and Development Performance Evaluation

Controlling Techniques
Financial Control
Budgetary control Costing control

Internal Audit
Inventory Control

Inventory Controls
Company use SAP (System application Program) so all

record of inventory in sap. Company use FIFO method for use of inventory.