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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Great Challenge

Willingness Matters

people are not evil, nor are they uncaring about the environment Confronted with the pressing issues of today Care about the effects of business on the environment and on society

Building an image
build an image of being a socially responsible organization allocating profits towards philanthropic and social services

Influencing Factors
MNCs have the potential to be a more conducive agent for introducing environmentally sound technologies. depends on


of the facilities, the presence of sunk costs, host country environmental regulations availability of pollution prevention technologies Companys global environmental policies

Internal Improvements

start being socially responsible first within the organization


Build eco-system Energy Efficiency, clean energy Employees

Invest in the Environment

shift from a corrective to a preventative approach find preventive solutions for pollution problems provide local engineers and technical staff with training in pollution prevention technologies and practices and waste minimization

Innovative Ideas
Re-cycle and re-use eg. watering plants, water re-use plant Avoid printing, save paper Maintain an environment friendly campus Plant trees, green campus Pollution control measures Reduce use of plastics

Energy Efficiency
Try and reduce the company's energy consumption not only save the company money, but also protect the environment Re-evaluate its lighting requirements Use energy saving efficient machinery

promoting awareness of environmentallyfriendly industrial activities company can show its gratitude towards their employees


gathering for everyone to get to know each other and bring along family members consider an "Employee of the Month" program

External Improvements

Human Resource Issues


a "social committee" that would organize socially responsible activities employees can donate gifts to a charitable institution education opportunities for the disempowered, health and wellness and community development

BSR- a true example

Business for Socially responsibility works with its global network of more than 250 member companies Mission-work with business to create a just and sustainable world.

Environment human

rights economic development transparency and accountability

Thank You

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Bindya Mishra Bimal Jeet Kaur Shobhna Khanna Priyanka Sumeeta