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Vessel Entrance/Clearance Procedure

Before the ship arrive, the Vessel Master or the ships representative transmit the following : advance shipping and cargo

information thru Notice of Arrival (NOA) form or other faster or more practical way of transmitting information such as:
Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Nature of cargo for discharging/loading Other required information

Vessel Entrance/Clearance Procedure

Application for Berth/Anchorage
Vessel agent files application for berth Accomplish Vessel Information Sheet (maiden voyage)

Upon arrival of vessel, fill up vessel logbook as to the date, name of vessel, Voyage number, GRT,

LOA, berth, ATA, ETD, Last Port of Call, Next Port of Call and Purpose of Call. The ship representative signs the vessel Logbook.

Vessel Entrance/Clearance Procedure

Submits the following documents to the

Terminal Officer
Crew List (1copy) Inbound coasting manifest Master Oath of Safe Departure (MOSD) Bill of Lading Passenger coasting manifest

Vessel Entrance/Clearance Procedure

Granting of Vessel Clearance After the discharging/loading operation of the vessel, the vessel representative submits to the clearing officer the following shipping documents.
Dockage report

Copies of Outward Coasting Manifest (3 copies)

Crew List (I copy) Passenger Coasting Manifest (1 Copy)

Vessel Entrance/Clearance Procedure

The clearing officer computes the Dockage Fee (Usage Fee)

base on the dockage report. He also computes the Wharfage Fee based on the Cargo Handlers issued service invoice supported by loading/discharging report..

The vessel representative pays the total amount of the Usage

Fee to designated collecting officer. The wharfage fee will be paid by the cargo owner or shipper.

After all the assessed port dues have been paid the clearing

officer stamps the vessel roll book PORT CLEARANCE GRANTED PORT CLEARANCE PAID, indicate the OR number and the date of payment then signs the clearance.

Vessel Information Sheet

Vessel Information Sheet

Application for Berth / Anchorage

Vessel Movement Advice