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IT Outsourcing

Digital Transformation Towards Enterprise 2.O - IDEA

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1. Latar Belakang a. Experts Review b. The Changes 2. Formulasi & Penyelesaian Masalah a. The Reason b. The Complexity c. The Solution : Best Fit Outsourced Company d. Market Profile e. Internal Capabilities f. Digital Transformation Towards Ent 2.O - IDEA 3. Kesimpulan dan Saran a. The Implementation b. Evaluation & Control

1 Experts Review
What Detecon says...
There is a plethora of trends influencing the ICT ecosystem. Key for a long-term projection are sustainable mega trends.

1 Experts Review
What Detecon says...
ICT not only drives globalization to a next level, but fundamentally changes production and business interaction patterns.

1 The Changes

The Growth of IT Outsourcing

The increasing use of IT brought with it overheads in the implementation and maintenance of computing systems. The amount of time and finances invested in managing IT, which has become complex over a period, has increased exponentially. This also resulted in the growth of IT companies and the outsourcing of IT management.

1 The Changes

Cloud Computing the state of IT Outsourcing

The Cloud is the emergence of a new way of delivering computing services and as such it will impact nearly all facets of the IT ecosystem. Most importantly, IT solutions and services vendors will now need to adapt their infrastructure, people and processes.

1 The Changes

Customers Demand Shifting on IT Services

SMBs and enterprises are driving the demand for managed services, primarily because they have become increasingly more sophisticated and reliant on technology; Small business owners and large enterprises alike have IT systems that are becoming increasingly complex, inextricably linked, and difficult to manage; Even the smallest organization now has mission-critical systems that, when they fail, negatively impact the success of their business; Customers no longer want help with their IT infrastructure after something has broken. They want a service provider that can deliver better services, more efficiently, at a lower cost and help mitigate compliance and security risks.

Point Service

More Complex Service (Higher Value)

Utility Computing

Global Sourcing

Storage Service Hardware Support


Package Service
(2 or more point services)

Manage Service
(flexible outsourcing)

Full IT Outsourcing

BPO & Horizontal-O

Software Support

Security Service

% of IT Infrastructure Outsourced


The Reason
Outsource Managed Service

The Complexity 2 Outsource Managed Service

Rapidly Changing Technology Scarcity of Skills
Hardware Software

Unpredictable Costs Exponential Business Demand

Applications Mobile Devices Telecom Billing

Market Challenges


Routers Messaging

Firewalls Security Devices

Multiple Vendors

IT NO more a Support Function CIO In Business Transformation Corporate Agility revolving around IT IT To BT

Multiple Networks Performance DRP/BCP

Security Risks Monitoring 24/7

Convergence System Failures Capacity Planning

VoIP Hardware Support Change Mgt

Monitoring SLA



Source : Case Study Etisalat - Future of ICT in the Financial Industry

The Solution 2 Outsource to A Reliable ICT Provider

Reduce TCO Access To New Tech Focus On Core

Predictive OPEX


Reduce Complexity

Minimize d CAPEX Control

Enhanced Performan ce


The Best Fit 2 Best Fit Company Provide a Full Outsourced ICT
In the context of existing information systems found three common components that define ICT Outsourcing: (1) External providers take over some or all functions of the IT organization, (2) External providers should take over responsibility and (3) Customers transferring IT functions to external providers both employees, infrastructure and applications While ICT Outsourcing is most suitable for the customer is if,: One provider that can provide a full outsourced ICT, there are : connectivity, hardware, maintenance and managed services

Network Services Provider

Security Services Provider Managed Services Provider

CPE Provider
Maintenance System Integrator


2 Market Profile
Gartner Analysis
Gartner's forecast for dollar-valued global IT spending growth has been revised downward from 4.6% to 3.7% for 2012. Through 2015, forecast long-term annual average growth in global IT spending has been reduced slightly to 5.0% compared with 5.4% in the previous quarter.

Annual Growth (%)


2 Market Profile
IDC Analysis
In 2012, the ICT industry's shift to its third major platform of growth built on mobile, cloud, social, and Big Data technologies will accelerate, forcing the industry's leaders to make bold investments and fateful decisions. By the end of 2012, we'll have a good idea which vendors will and won't be among the industry's leaders in 2020.
Worldwide IT spending will grow 6.9% : Surprisingly solid growth in a fragile, recovering economy; Mobile devices and apps and emerging markets will be the biggest growth drivers; European debt issues will dominate downside risks.

Emerging markets IT spending will grow 13.8%, driving a whopping 53% of IT growth. In the second half of 2012, China will supplant Japan as number 2 in the IT market.
"Mobility wins" will be the top theme of the year. as mobile devices outship PCs by more than 2 to 1 and generate more revenue than PCs for the first time; 85 billion mobile apps will be downloaded, and mobile data network spending will exceed fixed data network spending for the first time. Contd...


2 Market Profile
IDC Analysis
Spending on public and private cloud services, The building of those services (the "cloud arms dealer" opportunity), will reach $60 billion. Amazon will join the $1 billion IT vendor club, and the strategic focus in the cloud will shift from infrastructure to application platforms and the race to build the largest portfolios and ecosystems around those platforms. Big Data will join mobile and cloud as the next "must have" competency as the volume of digital content grows to 2.7ZB (1ZB = 1 billion terabytes) in 2012, up 48% from 2011, rocketing toward 8ZB by 2015. There will be lots of Big Datadriven mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity. Major IT vendors will make "statement" acquisitions in social networking as social technologies become a core part of IT's next growth platform. Social platform leader Facebook will attempt to leverage its consumer dominance into a much broader role serving businesses in B2C commerce. Much of the money will be made on top of the "third platform" by building high value, vertically focused solutions. The build out of these solutions in healthcare, energy, government, financial services, and retail will accelerate in 2012 leaving IT providers without vertical competency on the sidelines.


2 Internal Capabilities

Organization Agility and Skill & Knowledge Capabilities

Organization Agility and Skill & Knowledge Capabilities Telkom sebagai competitive advantage dalam memberikan solusi kebutuhan pelanggan secara ekosistem dengan prioritas menciptakan "system lock-in dan "customer experience management didukung integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capability.


2 Internal Capabilities

EWS Connectivity Current & Future Estimation


Transformation 2 Digital Drivers & Challenges

Cloud computing has the potential to actually replace, and not just augment, traditional data centers while adding value by reducing costs and increasing agility. While there is a strong case for the adoption of the Cloud, there are several challenges that need to be overcome. Security become the key challenge for Cloud Adoption. Organizations are yet to get comfortable with the idea that their data would be secure and wouldnt be misused once ported onto the Cloud.


Transformation 2 Digital Extensible Enterprise

The extensible enterprise represents the transition from slow, one-off ecosystem partnering and customer acquisition processes of the pre-cloud era to the calable partnering, service delivery, and customer acquisition made possible by the cloud. An Extensible enterprise relies on two key characteristics: Enterprises need to have versatile processes, and they need to enable deeper process integration with partners and collaborators.


Transformation 2 Digital The Benefit


2 Digital Transformation

Enterprise 2.O - Indonesia Digital Ecosystem Alignment

Pengelolaan High End Market secara Enterprise 2.0 yakni co-creation antara TELKOM dan Corporate Customer , End-Customer dan Community melalui business collaboration antara Business Ecosystem, ICT Managed Service dan Network Infrastructure, untuk dapat memberikan ecosystem value secara strategis kepada community dan sustainable revenue growth.

Enterprise 2.0
Community B2B2C

Indonesia Digital Ecosystem Allignment

Business Ecosystem: Service hub platform untuk
ecosystem service solution berbasis industry dan ecosystem (DNA+P) Business Ecosystem

Customer B2B2C

ICT Managed Service: Customised Service Solution

sebagai total solusi Enterprise Customer (DNA), terdiri dari Enterprise Service Solution dan Business Community Solution ICT Managed Services

Enterprise 1.0
Corporate B2B

Network Infrastructure: Basic Service Solution sebagai

Infrastruktur dasar untuk ICT Managed Service dan Business Ecoystem (DN) Network Infrastructure 21

3 Implementation

IDEA Implementation Matrix

Tahapan implementasi IDEA (Indonesia Digital Ecosystem Alignment) disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan dan kesiapan enterprise market, dimana NI dan ICT Managed service diarahkan untuk enterprise yg memerlukan integrasi internal dan antar enterprise, sedangkan Enterprise Business dikembangkan bersama customer yang sudah mencapai level Meta Enterprise (dalam satu industri atau antar industri dan komunitas)

= Core
BSS: Basic Service Solution ESS: Ecosystem Service Solution

= Tambahan
CSS: Customized Service Solution
(Enterprise Service Solution dan Business Community Solution)

= Pelengkap


3 Implementation
Key Success Factor

Kesiapan SDM dan Organisasi Regulasi dan Kebijakan Synergy dan Partnership Kesiapan Infrastruktur Pendukung: alat produksi, System IT



Large Enterprise Ecosystem



Large Enterprise Ecosystem ICT Manage Service Roadmap

Program Boomerang dari ITSS, menginisiasi potensi golbal ICT managed service dengan Telstra

Managed service support system

Source: ITSS 25


SME Ecosystem

26 Source: ITSS

3 Evaluation & Control

Measurement Approach


3 Strategy Evaluation & Control

Measuring Performance


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