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Facilitating Project-Based Learning


eSkwela Model
Life Skills, Blended, Self-paced
Tertiary Education / College

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What is a project?

An activity that takes place over an extended period of time Usually mimics a real-world task Integrative in approach Project product, presentation or performance

What is project-based learning?

A learning method in which learners do projects Learning through experience or hands-on learning


Why do PBL?

To develop deeper knowledge about a topic To make learning more interesting and engaging To improve learners research and problem-solving skills To develop higher order thinking skills To help learners see how what they are learning can be used in real life To develop collaborative learning skills

Why do PBL?

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

- Confucius

What I hear, I forget. What I hear, and see, I remember a little. What I hear, see and ask questions about or discuss with someone else, I begin to understand. What I hear, see, discuss, and do, I acquire knowledge and skill about. What I teach to another, I master.
- ALS adaptation CICT

ICTs and PBL

ICTs can be used to: Locate information Document information Analyze information Facilitate communication and collaboration Demonstrate knowledge learned

Sample ICTsupported projects

Multimedia presentation (aka PowerPoint presentation, slide presentation) Digital story (aka audio-video production or AVP, slide show) Report, survey Brochure, newsletter Poster, flyer Website Blog, reflective essay

Characteristics of module projects

Should help learners integrate and apply, in a creative way, the lessons in a module Time-bound: can be completed in a day or two Should make use of skills a resources that are available to the learner Should use ICT in some way (even if only to document the project)

Phases of PBL
Phases of PBL 1. Planning - discussion of a project topic, setting targets and timelines, tasking 2. Fieldwork - gathering and compiling information and resources Role of Learning Facilitator Guide/Coach learners, provide access to resources

3. Implementation developing the project, doing the project activities

4. Presentation - presenting the project to an audience 5. Assessment peer assessment, and self-reflection and/or group reflection Facilitate self- (and peer) assessment, assess learners work and provide feedback


Exercise in Assessing Projects

1. Review sample learner projects for some of the e-modules and apply the scoring guide/s to provide feedback to the learner. 2. Discuss the outcomes of this exercise. What insights do you now have about your role in PBL? About assessing learners projects?