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Actix introduction Cell file import bin selection Log file import Super Stream 3G Parameter Plotting parameters on Map window 1. RSCP 2. Ec/Io 3. PSC 4. Pilot Pollution 5. UE Tx Power 6. Throughput 7. Plotting parameters on Sheet 8. Getting stats in chart format 9. Exporting Tab 10. Events

Select Analyzer Classic

Cell File Format Cell file Heading Site Id

Heading format for Site information

Site Name with prefix U_

Lat. and long. information

Heading format for Cell information Beam Width

Site Name PSC

WCDMA Cell Site Name Should be equal to WCDMA SITE Site Name

Cell Name without prefix U_ and end with Sector

Important Notes for preparing CEL FILE

Cell file heading Site Id. Site Name Site heading format CELL heading format CELL Name

; #NetworkData datafile Actual Site Id. Actual Site Name should start with U_ Should be WCDMA_SITE Should be WCDMA_CELL Actual Cell name with out start with U_

WCDMA Cell Site Name Should be equal to WCDMA SITE Site Name

** Cell should be in .txt format only

Importing CEL FILE : Select cell file through Tools Preferences Cell refs

Binning: Select Tools Preferences Binning ( Change Binning interval as required)

Log file loading :Right Click on Loaded Data Files Open log files (Select necessary logs)

Super Stream (Merging Log files) Select Tools Create Super stream Stream

Super Stream (Merging Log files) Select MS from all log files and Give Name as required
Example: Here MS1 is selected from all log files and Name given as Kelampakkam MS1

Super Stream Created

Display Map : Select View Display New Map

Map Unit change: Right Click on Map window Map Units Select required option

Importing Vector / Tab files: Select Layer Control icon Add Tab files Ok

UMTS RF Parameters: Expand Down link measurements Select Require Parameter.

RSCP, Ec/Io, RSSI, PSC, and UE Tx. Power

UMTS RF Parameters: Plot Right Click on Uu_Active Set_RSCP_0 Display on Map

UMTS RF Parameters: Legend Change Right click on parameter Modify ranges

Select Range

Add ,Remove and Edit range Set Color

UMTS RF Parameters: Samples Right Click on Uu_Active Set_RSCP_0 Display on table

(if you need separate Excel sheet Click on Display On workbook)

UMTS RF Parameters: Chart Right Click on Uu_Active Set_RSCP_0 Display on Chart

UMTS RF Parameters: Pilot Pollution Expand Event data Coverage Uu_Pilot Pollution

UMTS RF Parameters: Throughput Expand 3G UMTS RLC

UMTS Events: 3G UMTS Event Data

Call Statistics : Select particular super stream file Right Click UMTS call statistics

Call Statistics :

Export Tab: Goto Map Layer Export to Tab Select Parameter and location

Thank You